Play Worship Guitar Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

Play Worship Guitar

Here is a step by step guitar learning system for Christians aspirating to be guitarists. The play worship guitar was designed to help many Christians learn guitar and worship song by use of internet power. This system speeds up your guitar learning process and helps you see immediate results. With it you are assured to play a song a day or two after taking your guitar.

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Who is it Suitable for?

The Play worship guitar  is in fact perfect for the following people:

  • It is perfect for all total beginners
  • It is perfect for any person with a less than one year guitar experience
  • It is suitable for any person who wants to learn in a simple way or step-by-step approach
  • It is perfect for a person who is interested in learning and playing worship songs

Will it Work for a Beginner like me?

The answer is “YES!” the Play Worship Guitar by Aaron Anastasi  is a step-by-step way that was developed to teach even very beginners everything they need to know before they start playing guitar and also worship. A total beginner is able to play guitar and sing worship songs with this tool in days rather than weeks or years.

Play Worship Guitar Review: Read Before Buying

Play Worship Guitar

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It is an online guitar teaching or learning course specifically made for beginners who want to learn guitar as well as worship songs. It is proven to have A-Z step-by-step guide which helps you learn 85% faster than normal or traditional old methods.

To use this online too you don’t need any musical knowledge at all or know how to read music and its terms.

Learn at Your Own Pace

This platform was designed with a student in mind. You can practice at your own free time according to how you want. The services are also available 24 hours a day in 7 days of every week.


What do you learn from Play Worship Guitar?

Play worship guitar by Aaron Anastasi  will give you everything you will ever need to learn guitar and in turn show you how you can play songs from your favorite Christian artist. You never need any knowledge on how to play guitar at all. The course in play worship guitar is suitable for people of every age and also for total beginners.

  • Ins and outs of a guitar: You will learn all parts of a guitar, what to do with each part and why each part is important.
  • Developing perfect fundamentals: You will know how to pick, hold and be in the right posture with your guitar. All this will let you play your guitar faster and with minimized frustration.
  • Learn beginner’s chords: The chords are the backbones of every song you play. You will watch and play along with the presenter as you are taught on how to hold each chord in the correct manner.
  • Warm-up exercises: You will learn all warm-up exercises which help you loosen your muscles so that you can play your guitar for long without fatigue. This also help solo hand learn how to play faster
  • Muscle memory exercises:  These exercise help improve your ability to play and also remember all chords with ease
  • Chord changing exercises: This exercise will make sure that you are never stuck when trying to get your finger at the right place during play. The step-by-step exercises will make chord changing a simple thing
  • Will teach you all rhythm guitar riffs, the easy perform walks and put a unique flair to your chords. Will make you generally enjoy the best parts of your playing.
  • Master barre chords: These are the chord which enable you play all over your guitar neck
  • Dynamic strumming patterns: by learning these patterns you will sound like an experience guitarist instantly
  • You will learn techniques such as hammer-ons, dynamic sliding and also pull-offs. These three techniques make your music more lively and gives it a fresh vibe as well
  • Guitar accuracy exercises: These exercises make sure that you develop into a skillful and a precise guitarist in a little time
  • Chord voicings: These help you to simply cruise up and down on the guitar neck. Make sure you are not stuck with a repeated sound
  • Guitar techniques: Some dynamic techniques help convert any song or a chord progression from dull state to a more exciting and impressing
  • Notes: You will find all note on your guitar from this system which will save you days you would use to memorize all note on neck
  • Dictation: The play worship guitar will dictate the mood you present by every chord you play. This allows you to control your playing and audience in the direction you want
  • Discover octaves: You will discover all octaves and apply them to your song and also use the to learn on how you play a certain song
  • Learn power chords: You learn all power chords and how you can combine them with the open chords to make any song break open. With this you can play any song 10 times easier that before
  • Finger-picking lessons: You will learn all the finger picking patterns which will make your songs and chords sound beautiful
  • Learn Worship songs: Apart from guitar playing you will worship songs to learn every month. Here are a few songs you may learn from the members

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Our God by Chris Tomlin

Bones by Hillsong United

Burning ones by Jesus Culture

We are hungry by Brad Kilman

Hungry by Kathlyn Scott

Everlasting God by Brenton Brown & Ken Riley

One thing remains by Jesus Culture

I am set Free by All sons & Daughters

Here I am to Worship by Tim Hughes

I could Sing Of Your Love Forever by martin Smith

Nothing Holding me back by Bryan & Katie Torwalt

Any other brand new song will be available every month for all members

Your Unique Get Stuck guarantee

After getting it you will realize that everything in the Llay Worship Guitar is made in a building block approach

You don’t have to be frustrated trying to learn. You just need to watch and play

Divided into lessons so that you know what to do and also when to do it

Have extraordinary muscle memory exercises guaranteeing you smooth learning processes

You have an open door to the support team and the course developer himself when get stuck in one way or another

Any play Worship guitar member has a free and unlimited access to the developer and the full support team. With this there is a guarantee to a prompt feedback

Features of play worship guitar

The play guitar platform is made up of the following features:

  • Chord charts designed for every song which are downloadable
  • A step-by-step guitar learning system which is complete from A to Z
  • Learn the way to play a guitar from both a tried and true worship leader holding more that 20 years experience.
  •  A get my songwriting bootcamp which is a five part video series designed to teach you on how put down or write a perfect worship song
  • New worship song lessons available every month where you can learn all new songs any time you need a fresh plus new worship song to learn
  • Two camera video lessons where each lesson uses 2 cameras to help you see in a close view how to play each lesson
  • 24/7 access. With this you can access play worship guitar every time of the day in a full week and also learn from your personal schedule.
  • Has a 100% money-back guarantee. There is a 100% guarantee that this program will help you love guitar plus this course. If not, your full money is got back and you will have access to the entire program verily for free
  • Compatible with any computer …this means that the play worship guitar will run in windows and Mac computer provided there is an internet access
  • Unlimited and full access to support team. This makes sure you are at no time frustrated or stuck. The help is just from a click
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad. Every video in the play worship guitar can play on any of your iOS device

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Any Play worship guitar membership is offered a sixty (60) day money back guarantee any time you are not satisfied completely. Any other of your personal reasons should be addressed to the developer through his email.

A risk free strategy is also available for play worship guitar starters. You a given a free 21 day trial to help yourself see if this course will surely help you well learn guitar. You can also have fun playing worship songs for a negligible fee.

You will get full access to the entire site or course for 21 days. It is upon you to cancel the services after the 21st day or decide to get the guitar lessons and worship music lessons at a fee of $17 per month.

A simple investment for a guitar skill can keep your life a successful one!

New Update – September 2019

Playing guitar can be really hard especially if you do not have any fundamentals at all or even background. What makes it more difficult is learning how to play praise songs because they are a little bit more complicated to play compared to the usual songs that we play. This is the reason why a lot of people are very frustrated because they aren’t able to play the songs that they want which is to play Christian songs.

Thankfully, there is this product that will help you out on how to play the guitar really well. Since I posted the review of this product a lot of people have managed to play the guitar really well and to give you an idea I have listed down the following benefits that you can get if you will buy this product in the bulleted points down below.

  • It will help you out to learn the proper playing of the guitar which will make you more confident in playing it.
  • You will have the ability to play nice Christian songs which will also bring you closer to God.
  • It will help you out in making yourself more inclined with music which will make you become a better person.

I suggest that you buy this product now and get a lot of benefits from it and you will surely never regret buying this.

Thanks for Reading This Play Worship Guitar Review.

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