Point Guard Academy Review – It’s Really Good?

The Point Guard Academy is one of the best sports training products out there that will help you be the best point guard you could be.


The Point Guard Academy will wow you with the plethora of court drills that will help you improve your shooting and passing on the court.

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Be the Leader You were Meant to Be


As a point Guard, you are required to carry the team’s momentum, build up play and set up your fellow team mates for that rim smashing dunk or that incredible alley oop!


Drills Drills and More Drills

The Point Guard Academy by Damin Altizer got my attention since I lacked the skills necessary to be the best pick in college team.


I had a weak arm and couldn’t shoot from the 3 point zone. My dribbling was pathetic and couldn’t shake off any man who would challenge for the ball.


The drills in the program helped me be more agile and gave me better control with the ball.



Point Guard Academy Review - It's Really Good?

Point Guard Academy

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Mental Challenges

The Point Guard Academy has a 12 week training regimen that includes mental challenges that put me through my wits to solve.


The aim of all this was to help build a greater understanding of the role and help make split decisions within minutes so that you don’t freeze up while on the court.


How often have you been on the court with your team and you’ve been unable to cope with the speed and accuracy of your opponents?


How often have you had a tough time figuring out what they’re going to do next and your mind just went blank?


I don’t know about you, but I have been in that situation almost every time I have been on the court.


I’m not that dumb, but sometimes my mind just goes blank that I panic and end up passing the ball to the ref instead of my team mate.


The Point Guard Academy by Damin Altizer  helped me make sense of all the plays my opponents made and I was able to figure out what would happen next thanks to the mental challenges.

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Full Out Academy

The Point Guard Academy has a massive array of videos, charts and guides to help get you into the best form as a Point Guard. The list of resources is simply incredible and features all these:

  1. Videos to motivate you every day.
  2. Online Articles
  3. Guides and How-to’s

These are some but a few of what to expect.


Lead, they’ll follow.

A point guard is only as good as his leadership skills and quality.


The Point Guard Academy has built a leadership course that looks to better your leadership skills on and off court.


You could have the best dribbles and skills on the ball but lacked the ability to command and lead your players into the game.


This is key since your players will look up to you for guidance during play and will expect you to provide motivation every time they need it.


You’re the point guard, you need to lead them in to battle.


12 Weeks Of Training.

The Program is geared to develop your skills and improve you mental and physical toughness.


From ordinary pick and roll manoeuvres to give and go, the 12 week Point Guard Academy will teach you how to execute all these.


In the 12 weeks of training, the Point Guard Academy will increase your mastery of the court and give you full awareness.


How you ask?


Well, as a point guard you are required to have the vision to spot your team mates whenever they are open.


The Point Guard Academy’s mental challenge and Leadership Course teaches you to have an open eye at all times, spot potential defence slip ups and set up your team mates for a grand finish.


Elite Training and Course Work

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the way the Point Guard Academy was arranged and mobilised to aid almost anyone who has very little experience or no skill at all to be the best point guard.


I felt like my prayers had been answered the moment I saw what the course contained. From

  • Pick and Roll 101
  • Pick and Roll 202
  • Mid-range Mastery
  • Complete Mental Course
  • Advanced Ball Handling.

These are some but a few of what the course contains.


The Point Guard Academy is the most complete training guide out there, I was thrilled at how the training guide helped me become a better Point Guard for my varsity team.


Even though i’m still second choice, i know for sure that I’ll continue the training and be the best.


The Point Guard Academy will have you controlling the court as a master of the mid-range, motivate your teammates with your leadership skills and outplay your opponents mentally with the mental courses.


A very good training program for any basketball player and coach alike, the Point Guard Academy does an incredible job at building your Point Guard Skills. Give it a try and watch your skills get revamped.

New Update – February 2019

A basketball team primarily relies on the point guard because he is the one who makes plays for the team. And if you are eyeing to become a point guard it is very crucial to know the fundamentals because the team primarily depends on you that is why you can’t manage to be lousy every game.

With the help of this product, you will surely reach that goal of becoming the best point guard that you can ever imagine. The product is called “Point Guard Academy” and a lot of people have benefitted from this program which helped them improve their game.

Here are the following benefits that you can get if you buy this product:

  • Your passing skills which are very crucial for a point guard to have will significantly improve.
  • It will also increase your basketball IQ which is very important in making correct decisions while on the court.
  • All of your aspects in the game will greatly improve which will help you become a great basketball player.
  • Your strength and endurance will be enhanced which will also result in better overall health.

So if you want to step up your game in the world of basketball most particularly being an effective point guard then this product is the perfect product that you should buy!

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