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Look around you for a moment and think of how much you rely on electricity in your day to day existence. You use it to communicate and reach out to others. You use it to have warm water, to be able to cook your food, to heat up your house in the winter, to store your food and avoid its rotting within 24 hours and to see in the dark, just to list a few, more important items. And imagine how much the whole society, on a macro level relies on electricity. Without it shops could not open, goods could not be effectively transported to one place to another, commerce would be near impossible, and the production of the vast majority of goods and services, including healthcare or policing, would be forced to stop.

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Basically, if we lose electricity, we lose everything that makes us civilized within moments. A dreadful thought indeed, and some people simply cannot get it out of their heads once they start to deeply think about this issue. Others will shrug and pretend that it not a problem, and others – especially those who have a family to protect – will start taking proactive steps to reduce the harms of such a possible collapse as much as humanly possible. For them was the Power Out Prepper guide written.

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A Powerless World

So how could such an even take place in the United States of America? The horrible news is that all triggering the apocalypse requires is to disable 9 US power plants in a well-executed, coordinated attack by terrorists or foreign governments. Out of the almost 60 thousand power stations, only 9 has to be compromised to utterly destroy the life and future of the American people and bring about a world that will result in the certain death of two hundred million people.

This fact certainly keeps me up at night. Like a constant alarm in the back of my brain it warns me that I should do something to prepare or I will certainly be among the others – along with my family – who die.

And a well organized attack executed by foreign militaries are not the only reason to be afraid and prepare for the worst disasters. We have seen how hurricanes and superstorms can bring about the same results, the complete and utter destruction of civilization as we know it. Just one single disaster can render tens of thousands utterly helpless. One economic crisis can send our markets into such a prolonged and severe recession that millions become unemployed and homeless, while the prices of water, electricity, food and oil become so expensive the average person cannot afford them.

Power Out Prepper by Ronald Richards Review: The Pros & Cons

Power Out Prepper by Ronald Richards

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The world of technology and resource abundance as we know it may collapse in a blink of an eye, even due to mad political decisions brought about irresponsible rulers who seek to heal a recession by imposing history’s greatest tariffs or seeking to tax stock exchanges at 90% as in the case of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Great Depression. The only thing you have power over in today’s economic climate is your own preparation for the worst disaster.

This is the reason Power Out Prepper by Ronald Richards was made. It is a guide written for those who have concernes about and fear the future with limitless practical advice. It is the most comprehensive and most important book on how to prepare for the worst economic disasters up to date. Millions and millions of lives would be saved if people would only read this book and follow its instructions. No literature has been this important, this life saving, yet this easily available than Power Out Prepper.

You Are Not Prepared

We are not talking about minute details such as “How to extract water out of trees” or “How to hunt small game with knives in cities.” The instructinos Power Out Prepper by Ronald Richards offers is not about trying to survive like a cavemen in a living nightmare but rather a guide on how to actually keep your current way of life, secure your electricity and build a house prepared for every kind of chaos. Indeed, Power Out Prepper teaches you how to turn your house into a personal power plant.

First and foremost, the book starts by instructing you on changing the way your house consumes electricity. These are essential practical advices that do not require you to sacrifice anything whatsoever from your daily habits, yet will help your house use up only half of the electricity it used to consume. Then the book offers you very easily understandable, step by step guide on how to build your own wind power generator in your back yard. Indeed, we are not playing children’s game here but create a completely legal and safe windmill to generate electricity for our house with very little initial investment required.

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If the place you live is simply not suited to set up a personal windmill, you can choose to build a Biogas Blaster Module or a Micro-Hydrogan Harvester, using water or biogas to generate electricity. You can even build your Solaris Power Plantation to generate power out of the sun. Power Out Prepper offers you the ultimate freedom when it comes to deciding how you want to prepare for a prolonged electricity shortage. They present extremely well detailed blueprints with step by step instructions on every minute detail of the various power generators, and you do not need to be an engineer or an expert to follow them.

In addition, you will receive various bonus content upon purchase to ensure your maximum survival in a world of economic collapse. You will get access to an audio course, which is basically the audiobook version of the Power Out Preppers guide. You will get the Backyard Security Blitzkrieg, a book on how to hide the newfound, awesome power of your house in the case of a true collapse, and how not to turn your house into a lighthouse inviting a horde of burglars.

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Furthermore you also receive the Wilderness Survival Warrior guide to teach you the ways to gather supplies outside your house in case of a collapse, the Essential Survival Secrets, teaching you the most important practices of survival, and the 11 Water Purification Methods to help you supply your family with clean drinking water even in the worst economic situations.


For $47 you can purchase the key to your survival and the security of your loved ones in case of the worst economic collapse in the history of mankind. A worthy purchase for all who feel that alarming dread creeping in the back of their mind, whispering at night that the storm is already on the horizon.

New Update – July 2019

There are times that we are in a situation wherein our power blacks out for several reasons it is either you haven’t paid your bills or there is a power problem in your area.

This is where the problem starts especially in the summer or winter season wherein we are experiencing extreme weather conditions that is why we truly need our appliances in order for us to survive.

Thankfully, this product has been created which will actually help us in those kinds of situation. It will equip us with the knowledge that we needed for us to have a piece of knowledge in an alternative source of energy that we need for us to have a more comfortable life when power interruption happens.

Since I posted the review of this product a year ago a lot of people have already learned the techniques. Here are the following benefits that you can get from this product.

  • Since you will know an alternative source of energy expect that you can save a lot of money from your electricity bills.
  • It will actually help you in having a comfortable life even if there is a power outage in your area.

So if you want to experience those useful benefits then this product is definitely a must-have!

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