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My name is Connor Jackson and I was, until recently, a mediocre trader in Forex. When I started to work on the stock market, I was 30 years old and totally and constantly broke. At first, I changed jobs more than socks, while I ended up, not a long time ago, to work for a brokerage firm, mid-level operations, which is little known, whose headquartered is in Westport, CT.

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Needless to say, I earned very little, and that job was terribly stressful. It is very well known to everyone when you mention the word –BROKER! I have constantly been nervous, staring the whole time at the screen, each moment expecting a rise or fall in unpredictable stocks in order to buy certain stocks or as the lightning quick sell everything, just to achieve more or less the gain on the stock market!


IT WAS EXHAUSTING as it sounds! Bonuses I rarely won, I was happy when I was at positive 0, and there were occasions when I felt so bad that I have lost someone’s money, which were hard- earned. I was so mentally ill, that I often thought to throw myself of the administration building. And now, still patronize me shudder, from even the memory of it.


As a broker expert, my job required of me the certain degree of knowledge on a couple programming languages, primary including Java and C + +, and then one day I thought of something…


Project Fast Pips Review: What is the Cons?

Project Fast Pips

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I asked myself-if I want to work forever for this pittance? Do you want to eternally late with payment the loans for education, although I have graduated from college 10 years ago? Do I want to be able to afford your dream vacation for me and my wife? When will be the time for us to become parents, and whether would I be able to with this pittance of a salary to feed three mouths?


The response was more than obvious! So I invented a Project Fast Pips, which turned out to be THE MOVE OF MY LIFE and never, at any point, I have not regretted for creating this!

But the debts very soon became only a distant memory!!!


In the first year I have archived a profit a little more than 950 000$!!!

For a start, I didn’t tell anyone, not to my bosses, colleagues or even my own wife! Everything functioned in perfect, until one Monday morning, I was called in the meeting room, where they have spilled some rubbish that I gained a huge profits by violation on the firm policies and in front of me put some document and force me to sign it! For the first, I admit, they were right. Even then I was earning twice as much money of all the partners in the firm, together. But the nonsense that I gained such a profit that could be only gained by the hard violation of a firm policy, I didn’t want to admit it, so I requested a lawyer! Luckily, they gave up the criminal prosecution, for which they thought they had grounds.

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I KNEW that I HAVEN’T violated any code! SO, I brought in FRONT on the auditors to PROVE it!!!!

I didn’t care; I had my Project Fast Pips and that I was more than sufficient compensation!

And now I am ready to revenge to them and invite you to participate! It’s simple and pretty easy, but I rented business space in their building, on their floor, exact right next to their office!

We will be their fierce competition that will condemn them to failure! Are you in? I can imagine what the reaction of my former colleagues, who, when they have heard of my enormous profit, have looked at me with such evilness and have gossip on me, from behind! And wondering into them: ” How the hell he managed that?’’ Now the burst of the envy-That’s certain!

But, before we start to cooperate together, I would like to explain to you better how my Project Fast Pips System works…

  • You’ll be able at any time to look at your trading platform and see the numbers spinning up in profits;
  • You will know for sure of any NON FARM payroll announcements or after any MAJOR scheduled announcements too (they usually pull in anywhere between 17 – 171 pips or even more);
  • You are be able to predict exactly in beforehand where the market is gonna go just by using this system;
  • You are being profitable each day- that is 100% guaranteed!
  • Just by spending a few minutes at market opening times, and ALSO before KEY economic announcements to cash in on REALLY HUGE moves;
  • You won’t WASTE ANY OF YOUR TIME by searching your charts for patterns;
  • Absolutely, no need to be familiar with ANY OF STOCHASTIC PROGRAMS;
  • You will stop GUESSING WHEN TO ENTER/EXIT the TRADE!!!
  • We GURANTEE FULL MONEY BACK (within a 60 days period), so by ordering this useful system you have absolutely nothing to lose! You can test it in that time period!


And this is exactly what you GET ORDERING this amazing Project Fast Pips System:

  1. Module 1: Profit Rush System #1(that have ranked for me in the latest 5 months 3500 pips!).
  2. Module 2: Profit Rush System #2 (you will learn, in a very easy way, how to make 200+ pips per trading only by spending 15 minutes a day on this powerful system);
  3. Module 3: Profit Rush System Ultimatum (Which is the Top Secret!)


In each module there is a manual how to use that system and the Template files and automated installer program, which does all the hard for you, you can sit down and operate a mouse click! And all of this for lousy




P.S. Shhhhhhh! By ordering NOW you get some of the special BONUSES as well!

So, hurry up!!!

New Update – March 2019

There are lots of people that want to earn more than their income simply because they want to have the necessities in life. One resort that they do is to trade in the Forex market because it is a great way to accumulate wealth.

We are really appreciative that this product which is aimed at helping people to learn the ins and outs of Forex market has been created. Because of this product, a lot of people have already mastered trading which helped them to accumulate massive amounts of wealth.

So if you want to become successful like them it is very crucial to learn the knowledge from this product. If you buy this product expect the following benefits that you can get.

  • You will accumulate a lot of profit on every trades that you will make which will make your net worth higher.
  • Your confidence in trading will be enhanced as well which will give you better results.
  • Your losses will completely be minimized which will make the most out of your trades.

So if you want to take your Forex trading journey to the next level then this product is definitely the perfect one for you.

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