Reset Password Pro Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

Have you ever forgotten you PC password? How did you feel? I can only imagine the feeling you have when you know you cannot access anything in your computer because of a forgotten password of either your user or administrator accounts. But it is normal to forget passwords.

Did you know you can recover your password in two minutes? In fact you can do it all by yourself at home. You do not need to have any technical or programming knowledge or seek technical aid from experts who will ask for large sums of money for a simple thing.

Reset Password Pro is software that will solve all your problems if you have forgotten your password in just a few minutes. One thing I can assure is that it is effective give it a try today and you will be among those giving testimonials on it. In short it is a program that aids in resetting a computer’s password.

It is the only the software that has an enterprise-class web based self-service for its users that allows them to easily reset their password and access their accounts. This password resetting software is very easy to download install and use.

Reset Password Pro Review: Read Before Buying

Reset Password Pro

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The most outstanding feature of this software is that it only allows you to change your password and access nothing on your computer so it assures you of content security.

Features of Reset Password Pro

  1. It is easy to use since all its functions are easy to access and you are able to reset your password quickly in just a few minutes.
  2. It is accessible all you need to do is to access the internet, download it and install it on your PC.
  3. 24/7 customer care support, in case you develop a technical problem while trying to use the software you can contact customer care and they will give an immediate feedback after finding a solution to your problem.
  4. It is affordable. The price of purchasing the software is cheap and reasonable unlike other softwares that could cost you a fortune and end up giving undesirable results.
  5. It gives an immediate result, like said before this software allows you to reset your password in two minutes or less. This is an encouraging feature for you do not have to worry in case you had some important documents in your computer.
  6. The software requires no technical knowledge on programming. You should never worry about how you will reset your password because this software has the simplest methods of doing it that doesn’t require you to have any background knowledge on how to do it.
  7. It is risk free since it cannot access anything on your PC. It only deals with resetting you user and administrator accounts password.
  8. It is an award winning software. It is leading software in the market that allows you to easily reset your password.

There are many password resetting softwares in the market but they could be having problems on installation or the program itself could not be giving desired results like Reset Password Pro. Over the years this is the only password resetting software that has been recommended severally.

Download the software

Before you download anything on the internet ensure it is legal and licensed so that incase it does satisfy you, you can claim for a refund. All licensed programs have close to 100% money back guarantee. Also you have to ensure that the files are scanned with a known antivirus to prevent your computer from being infected with corrupt files.

Ensure that the software you are downloading is not a scam and that the program is genuine. You can check on the reviews people have made to ensure it is a real website.

Reset Password Pro should only be downloaded from a website whose link contains the words . You will be required to make a payment before you can be allowed to download it. These services are very fast unlike other softwares that you will be asked to wait to receive the service as they check the system for your payment.

Before downloading you can consult from your nearest computer stores on the best software to use and how to access it to ensure you download the right thing.

Installation of the software

After downloading the software you are required to install it. Unlike other softwares that you are required to install in your computer, Reset Password pro asks you to install it in a CD or a portable USB.  Saving it in an external device makes perfect sense contrary to saving it in the computer, because in the occasion that the computer is locked you will not be able to access the software from the computer.

You may be forced to borrow someone a computer to download the software which will be time consuming. In external devices it is easier to fix the system with no worries on how to gain access to the software.

Using the software

The usage of this program will depend on how you installed it. It is advisable you save it on an external hard drive so that when you have completely forgotten you password you simply insert the external hard drive and run he program. This will take a few minutes and you can reset your password and use your computer.

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How does Reset Password Pro Work?

It is a very simple software to use. First you have to ensure that you have paid before downloading it. Their feedback is usually mostly like immediately.

You will be given a username and a password after your payment has been approved. You can change the password if you desire. You are now required to log in, download the software and install i. It is a very easy process.

After you are done installing you are required to come up with something known as a startup disk, a type of a removable media that contain window files, in this case you can use a CD or a USB external hard disk. Burn the program in the device chosen.

When you forget your password and you want to reset it, turn on your computer and insert the USB or the CD containing the software. A list of Administrators and Users that were registered in the computer will then appear depending with if the computer is yours or belongs to an office. You will then select the account and click on “Reset”.

This will take a few seconds and the password will be removed from the account you want to access and you will be able to log in to your computer. It is that simple like I said.

You can now comfortably reset your password if you wish to.

Note that this software assures you of your security no hackers can access your computer.


  1. It is easy to download as long as you have paid you get access to download it. It has no indefinite waiting periods. If it doesn’t meet your expectation within the first 60 days you are guaranteed back your money.
  2. You pay for it once of which it is affordable. After that you can access their services for free.
  3. Automatic updates. After purchasing it you will be kept updated on any services they offer that you might be interested. They make sure they provide the best service for you.
  4. It is a fast procedure. It only asks for the account you have forgotten the password after inserting the device that has the software and then it asks you to reset it. Isn’t that fast? That is why it is the most preferred software in unlocking computers.
  5. You do not have to be a computer guru for you to use it. Anyone can since the steps are easy to follow and are straight to the point. Also it is a procedure you can do it all by yourself no need to employ someone to do it for you and waste money and resources.
  6. It resets only your password and leaves everything else in your compact intact.

I believe to this point you are now convinced by the benefits of this software download yours today and store it somewhere you can easily access it for forgetting password is not a thing that happens out the extraordinary, it is normal.

New Update – July 2019

Did you experience to buy a gadget or a personal computer and suddenly you forgot your password?. Yes, it is a total dilemma to a person like me who would not know any technical procedures.

But luckily, I found this book Reset Password Pro that could help me to educate myself on how to fix this kind of problem. And I’m very grateful also because with this book I do not need any technician anymore. And seek for the help of any programmer and avoid me from paying too much penny.

This book contains the procedure that you need in order to reset your password. All you have to do is follow it accordingly and in a minute you can able to open your Pc again. And one thing that I like in this manual, it is very easy to comprehend because the author used simple words. And it provides some helpful ideas and guidelines to refrain you from forgetting your password again.

You will surely never regret buying this program and you will become secured every time. Imagine that you will have lots of peace of mind whenever you try to deal with your account. So safeguard your account now by buying this product because it is truly worth your money.

Thanks for Reading This Reset Password Pro Review.

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