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The world of golf used to be a strange one for me for many years. In fact, I had some resentment for people who participated in the sport. I thought it was pretty boring kicking a ball into holes. I just could not understand the thrill for my dad and uncle. They spent many weekends on the course and I was forced to tag along.

I called my Uncle Joey, a fat lazy lump because he would make me carry his golf balls and made me follow him around on the course. I so detested this weekend ritual that my face lit up with an evil grin anytime his ball stopped just short of the hole or worse, went in an off direction.


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But I still suffered for this, since I had to fetch the balls from the thick bushes surrounding the area. I once stepped into a fresh mound of bird poop. Yucks!

But as I grew older and watched the sport more, I realized the golf wasn’t just for the rich and unfit old people. It can be quite exciting for young people like me too.

And more importantly I was able to identify what my uncle’s problem was. It was about power leak. A common problem with golfers.


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What is power leak?

Golf is one of the sports that depends on the strength in your arms to gain traction. While a soccer player may be focusing on training his legs to be stronger since that is what he uses mainly,  the major focus for the golfer is the power in his arms.

Therefore, a power leak occurs when you are not operating your arm at its full capacity.

Some reasons behind power leak

A poor grip

Now that I remember, my uncle always held his golf club in a funny manner. Gripping it so tight in his palms as if he felt it would fly away. Unknown to him this was one of the reasons behind him having a power leak. By holding it that tight in his palms, he was losing flexibility in his wrist area.

Moving back and forward

When you are moving in this manner, you will not be able to get a tight coil that will help you to cover more yards. You will lack the rotational movement that gives you more scope to cover.


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Releasing too fast

Forgive my over imaginative mind, releasing too fast is never a good thing even with your woman behind closed doors. So when you strategize your next hit and release the club too fast, you will naturally fall short of your goal.

Cutting the ball

When you cut the swing on your ball,  you may be thinking it helps you outline your direction better but it actually does the opposite. This move only makes the ball to have a backspin which reduces the ball’s roll.

With all these suggestions outlined, you may still not be able to find your singular problem. But not to worry, this Revolution Golf solution will help you identify your unique problem.


How is this done?

This solution strategy has been put together by a PGA professional, Martin Chuck who has had many years of experience as a tour striker inventor. He has been able to identify what causes power leak for each golf player through some specialized techniques which include:

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Asking some crucial questions

Both male and female golfers suffer from power leaks for different reasons. So,  when you are being asked for your gender, you should not be wondering what this is needed for.

You will also be asked about your age range. Definitely,  your age has an impact on the quality of your play. But that is not to say if you’re older you won’t still be getting the 15-30 yards promised.

Then,  it is important to know the length of your average drive. If you don’t know it, you may have to calculate it, so that your distinct problem can be identified.

Your biggest challenge

If you are interested in this reading this review, you probably already know that you have a challenge. It can either be with your distance or direction or it can be both. When you answer this question right, this would enable the coaches to guide you right towards achieving your desired improvement.


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Particular problems you have may include:

  • Your club ball not moving far as a result of a reduction in club head speed.
  • When you are not hitting the ball with enough strength. Of course, you would be getting nil or low results.
  • You are keeping your head down so much because you are keen on getting a good strike.
  • When you fall back on your back foot which results in cutting across the ball.
  • When there is tension in your wrist, arms and hands, this will definitely result in poor performance for you.

After you must have answered all the questions right, your problem would be rightly diagnosed. Yeah, it happens easy peasy just like visiting your doctor. The only difference is that you don’t have to be seen physically.

The goal

The objective of the program is help you improve your golf skills to an expert level. As a professional, Martin Chuck can rightly diagnose your exact problem and if you follow all the instructions right and you are sincere with your challenges, you will be able to gain up to 30 yards! That is right!


The mode of the solution

You might be wondering how you will benefit from all the proffered solutions to your problems. You must be really excited to find that someone finally understands what you are going through.

With just an email you will be linked with the ‘fix it’ videos that would put you right on course.

Of course, that’s after you must have answered all the questions I mentioned earlier correctly.

And the fact that you can get going without having to register for a physical course makes it all the more exciting.

All at what cost?

You are probably just waiting for me to hit you with the cost. If patience is not your high point, you might have even scrolled right past the beginning of the article to get to this point.

I understand the struggle and won’t blame or judge you. If you wouldn’t be able to afford a program, what’s the use in taking time to go through the benefits and then go red in the eye because you can’t afford it.

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So,  I truly understand your point in checking out the cost implication first. And I’m happy to inform you at this juncture that this Revolution Golf program is completely free!

Can I hear some deserved cheering already? It’s not every day one comes across such cool offers.

Do you remember my Uncle Joey that I mentioned at the start? I didn’t mention a secret bad thing I did to him then. Out of frustration I broke his golf club. Oh, was he distraught! He loved that club and he always talked about how it had history around it and wasn’t just an ordinary one.

I didn’t feel guilty of my actions them because I was one little rascal but now that I think of it more, I’m going to be buying Uncle Joey a new club. And on top of it sharing this free program with him to improve his performance.

You must be wondering what happened to my dislike for golf right? Time and growth happened! As I began to pay more attention to the game, I fell in love with it, especially when I discovered that the love of my life is an ardent golfer. So you see, never say say never. I hope with this program, I will finally be able to beat her at her best game.


This is meant for everyone

Just as Uncle Joey who belongs to the older age range, you can benefit from this program even if you are above 50. So whether young or old, you don’t have any excuses not to sign up for this program. Just click on it already and who knows, you might be the next Tiger Woods or even better!

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