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Changing Thought Patterns with Self Help Copping Mechanisms

Today’s global economic crisis is reflected by the growing need for self help publications and resources. The human mind body and soul need more than work and money to feel at peace, but the world around us seems not to notice.

A Dangerous Cycle to Human Health

Humans are told to work harder and faster, and then they are promised happiness. Yet, the happiness either never comes or is very short lived. This over driven attitude leads to a disconnection between the mind, body and soul.

Most people will subconsciously rebel through their choices, but the result is usually counterproductive, leaving a person feeling worse than before. The cycle of work-hard and earn-money blinds human beings to the things that are enjoyable in life.

Sometimes people go ahead and do what they want, and the result is usually more financial trouble than they had. This vicious cycle is responsible for a depressed state of mind which seems to be more widespread than ever.

Dangerous Coping Mechanisms

Some people do not become depressed; they just give up caring and become cold. Others become defensive, turn it on others, become angry or eve harm themselves or others. None of these reactions to societies growing problem helps anyone feel good.

None of these coping mechanisms focuses on the real problem. The thing making people feel unhappy is largely out of their control. However, it is not out of their control as they think. It is just the choice of coping mechanisms that make it seem that way.

Healing The Self

In terms of self help, psychologists and happy people tend to prescribe the same thing. When a person becomes fed up with feeling the way they do, but they cannot change what has them feeling that way, the only thing left to do is to change the self.

This can be done through intentionally focusing coping techniques that have positive results. Citizens cannot go to the governments of the world and knock their heads together – as much as they may want. With coping mechanisms, they can still find relief.

It is increasingly difficult to work harder or earn more money. This leaves changing thought patterns as the only way to improve a person’s personal situation. Scientific research has shown that people who have the ability to change thought patterns actively are healthier, earn more money and have more free time.

Copping Techniques for Self Healing

The best t ways to learn to reprogram the way we think and feel is with adaptive, behavioral and cognitive coping mechanisms. With adaptive coping, the goal is to use positive thinking to trigger parts of the brain that influence how adaptable a person is.

Behavioral mechanisms purposely change the actions we take and the things we do. This in itself creates new patterns of thought and expectation in the body and mind. Cognitive coping is direct pressure put on thought. The pressure comes from within the self, and should be a gentle pressure used to change the way we think with intent.

These coping techniques provide a way to change the way the brain works. It goes further than thought and emotions and actually builds new neural connections in the brain. It is a slow process and takes about two weeks for new thought patterns to replace the old ones, but the results can be life changing.

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