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An Introduction to Porn Addiction

Wikipedia describes ‘pornography addiction’ as ‘an addiction model of compulsive sexual activity with the use of pornographic material, despite negative consequences.’ Anything up to a limit is considered alright. However, when it starts taking over your life in ways more than one, it starts becoming a problem. The same holds true for pornography (aka porn) addiction. What starts as an experimental and curiosity thing, eventually takes over your life. Once it starts affecting your mental, social, physical or financial well-being, you know you need to do something about it.

frustrationPorn addiction works in a way similar to other addictions. It acts by releasing dopamine in your brain, which works on the reward centers in the brain. This leads to reinforcement of the behavior that led to dopamine release in the first place. Eventually, the sensitivity of the reward centers keeps decreasing, leading to an increased need of stimulation by dopamine. And before you know it, you are an addict.

How to know if you or someone you know is dealing with porn addiction? Symptoms include an inability to getting aroused with your partner in spite of getting easily aroused by porn, erectile dysfunction, lack of motivation, depression, excessive masturbation and frustration. However, even if an individual is facing these symptoms, most of the times, he is likely to be in denial about it and will never readily admit to being in trouble. However, the sooner one realizes and admits, the sooner they can seek help and recover. And the Sexual Reboot program can help you do that.

What is Sexual Reboot?

Sexual Reboot is a well-written, researched, simple program for anyone who is dealing with porn addiction, chronic masturbation or erectile dysfunction induced due to porn. The program is not a scam, it will guide you on your journey towards reclaiming your mental and physical health and getting over this addiction. The first step of dealing with a problem is admitting that you have one. The book guides you right from accepting your shortcoming and making you equipped to deal with it maturely so that your social or love life does not suffer. The guide also includes input from hundreds of individuals like you, who have also suffered from this problem and have managed to face it and get over it successfully. Thus, it is not just some mumbo-jumbo theory; it is actually tried and tested methods that have helped hundreds of people.

What does the program consist of?

The program consists of two distinct parts. The first part deals with quitting porn and avoiding masturbation. The second part teaches you to rewire your brain and body for porn-free sexual stimulation and sex. It is to be remembered that this program is not asking you to abstain from masturbation for the rest of your life. It is asking you to avoid it temporarily so that you can recover fully.

The program also teaches you about strengthening your weaknesses. Only when you stop using porn as a coping mechanism, will you be able to abstain from it permanently. However, the author realizes this is easier said than done. The book will guide you on how you can channelize your energies into productive work – this helps keep you busy and also gives you confidence as you succeed in other aspects of your life. In a nutshell, the program is all about ‘Recover, Reboot and Rewire.’

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The program basically aims to make your transition from a porn addict to a non-addict, easy. It consists of over 70 pages of information that can help you overcome this addiction and get your life back on track. The guide also contains a few ‘progress and monitoring forms’, which can help you keep track of the progress you’ve made and are for your eyes only.

However, one thing that you need to be aware of, is that this is not a quick fix. You need to be sincere and dedicated to the path of recovery, only then will this guide be useful to you. It is not some sort of a magic pill that will cure you of your addiction in a few minutes. Only with patience and perseverance can you tackle this problem effectively.

What are the advantages of the program?

  • After making the payment, you get immediate access to the PDF guide, which can be downloaded to any compatible device.
  • It is easy-to-understand with no complicated terminologies.
  • You get a Kindle version (.mobi) and E-reader version (.epub) free with the PDF file.
  • Your purchase is completely private. Your details or email address is not shared with anyone at any time.
  • Your payment is protected with a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • With a one-time payment, you are also eligible for free upgrades of the guide.
  • You also get complete access to the support forum developed by the author of people suffering from similar issues as yours.

Testimonials from users of Sexual Reboot

  • This is what Max had to say, “I had been trying to recover on and off for almost a year now, so I really wanted this book to be good. It did not disappoint. I was able to understand the addiction and the mind games we play with ourselves which made things much easier.I finished the book and simply did not look at porn. My sex drive is back and I’m feeling great.”
  • Glenn says, “The book flows effortlessly. Covers all the main points. There are some good strategies and it helped me see some of the mistakes I was making in the way I thought about recovery and porn and my life. Great book 5/5.”
  • Stewart says, “The feeling to look at porn didn’t magically disappear when I finished the book, but I interpreted the feeling in a different way, which made it easy to resist. After a week I had no problems at all and knew I could complete my sexual reboot without relapsing. I think that’s called the Moment of Revelation. It’s about 15 weeks later and I’m feeling awesome. I can’t believe it and I’m so happy that I’m free. Thank you very much!!”

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How can I get access to Sexual Reboot program?

By using the link below, you can get direct access to their official website. The program and the other features of the program can be yours for a mere $37 right now. This is a very small price to pay for the positive change this program will bring to your life. And moreover, your payment comes with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee. If you do not like the program anytime within 60 days of your purchase, you can email the author and ask for a full refund.

If pornography has taken over your life and you are looking for a solution, Sexual Reboot is the program for you. Try it for yourself and see the change!

New Update – July 2019

“Sex”  is a very delicate subject of conversation for some of us, especially those people bind in religious traditions where parents refrain their children in this kind of activities. But, this practice is one of the reasons why many of our youth today have a lack of knowledge regarding sexual interactions, which leads to early pregnancies. But, when we say sex, it is very broad topics to be discussed and takes time to educate one’s mind on how to live by it.

For some people, sex is a form of drugs, and it’s true that many people today got addicted to it. Like any other drugs, it blows one’s body emotionally and physically because we become distracted whenever our body needs it. And if we cannot handle our urge, that’s the time that we commit crimes.

In order to aid our sexual urge, I suggest this Sexual Reboot book where you can read some research to induce our knowledge about handling our sexual urge. And it also had some interviews with people who would like to share their experiences and healing process. Many people find this book therapeutic because it contains different sexual sickness and opinion remedies from experts.

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