Smoke Free In One Hour Review – Does it Work or Not?

Millions of people around the world are addicted to smoking. The habit of smoking is a vicious cycle that makes a smoker enslaved in the shackles that are very difficult to break. Most of the times, smokers come to realize the harmful effects of smoking only when they suffer from a health ailment. However, it is too late by then and even the doctor’s warning does not stop them from breaking free from the dangerous habit.


In a desperate attempt, smokers try different techniques, medications, diet plans and exercise regimes to break free from the habit. Many of them get temporary relief but they again surrender to the craving for tobacco. There are commercial products like chewing gum that promise to cure the addict. But there is no scientific evidence that credits the product for helping the customers.


Now, there comes a program that guarantees without making the smoker wait for a long time to judge the effectiveness. Titled as ‘Smoke-Free in One Hour’, the anti-addiction program helps smokers to break free from smoking habit in just one-hour. The program is based on hypnotherapy and hence you do not need to follow any diet or medication. In fact, you do not need to even change your lifestyle.


Who created the ‘Smoke-Free in One Hour’?

The program was created by Joan Chionilos, a hypnotherapist, who was a chain-smoker at one time of his life. Like other smokers, he wanted to quit smoking and he approached a number of sources and online help resources that claimed to work miracles.

However, none of the sources proved to be genuine and Joan was left in depression. Finally, Joan decided to seek the help of a hypnotherapist to break free from addiction. All but one hypnotherapists turned their backs on Joan. The hypnotherapist who offered help decided to try haling Joan in one session. Fortunately, for Joan, the session went so well that she decided to conduct her own research on hypnotherapy.

Following were the key points that Joan managed to gather about the use hypnotherapy to cure addiction to smoking:

  • Hypnotherapy induces a state of deep relaxation
  • Our mind opens up to suggestions for improvement
  • The therapy helps our mind to perceive the cigarette smell as awful
  • Hypnotherapy has several different techniques that will enable us to stop smoking

Armed with a detailed knowledge of hypnotherapy, it took Joan Chionilos another couple sessions to cure herself of the addiction. Later she became a hypnotherapist and decided to help people to break free from cigarette smoking. It has been 18 years since Joan is practicing hypnotherapy and ‘Smoke-Free in One Hour’ is one of her many attempts to help people.

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How does the program work?

Cigarette smoking is primarily caused by a substance called as nicotine that is found in cigarette smoke. Many programs do not focus on attacking the nicotine addiction and hence they fail to address the real issue.

Joan Chionilos’s hypnotherapy reprograms the mind to refrain from nicotine addiction. It creates a repulsing effect due to which the smoker feels nausea when he smells the cigarette smoke. In due course, the smoker reduces his dependency on cigarette and very soon he becomes smoke-free.

Key benefits of the program:

  • Good quality: The hypnotherapy session is available in good quality and the audio is quite pleasant to hear
  • Strong support community: There is an active community of hypnotherapists around the program and hence customers can easily find support from the community members that are present around the world
  • Easily portable: The audio is easily portable from one device to another and it can be played on any device.
  • Affordable: The program cost is very low as compared to the fees that you will pay for a single session of hypnotherapy.
  • Safe: The program is completely safe as you have to just listen to the instructions and not do anything on your own. Additionally, the instructions do not require to perform any physical activity.
  • Easy to use: The audio can be played on any music application any operating system
  • Saves time: The product is suitable for time-constraint people who do not have tie to go to a hypnotherapist and attend multiple session for weekly follow-ups.

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High Satisfaction Rates

The program has received extremely high satisfaction ratings from the customers. Positive customer testimonials indicate that the hypnotherapy session has been effective in breaking free from smoking addiction. Many customers feel heavily indebted to Joan for helping them and improving their quality of life.

How is this program different from other ‘Quit Smoking’ programs?

The ‘Smoke-Free in One Hour’ program is basically an audio recording that can be played as per the customer convenience.  Moreover, the program guarantees that you will break free from smoking addiction in jut one hour.

Other programs may suggest medications, meditation and diet-plans. However, they do not stipulate a well-defined timeline that will help the smoker achieve the desired results. It may take anything  from 6 months to 1 years to completely shrug off the smoking habit.  However, these are tentative timelines and there is also a possibility that the smoker might never succeed.

None of the programs provide guaranteed results. These programs may highlight a number of successful case studies to prove their usefulness. But none of these promise to break free from the dangerous habit in just one-hour.

This is the key benefit of the program. With a large number of positive customer testimonials, the program provides guaranteed results merely within a  span of 1 hour. In just one hour, the customer will be able to judge the program by seeing the difference.

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Where can I Buy ‘Smoke-Free in One Hour’?

The ‘Smoke-Free in One Hour’ is Joan Chionilos’s  hypnotherapy session that is available as an audio recording. The program costs $37 and the file can be downloaded through ClickBank, the popular online retailer that enables secure transactions.

The specialty of this course is that Joan Chionilos is offering a 60-day money back guarantee that enables the customers to apply for a refund if they are not happy with the outcome. This might be one of the first ‘quit smoking’ programs that is offering a money-back guarantee

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The Verdict

The positive customer testimonials, the ease of use and the affordability all  work in favour of ‘Smoke-Free in One Hour’. Ultimately, the program proves to be an affordable yet effective option in comparison to other commercially available ‘smoke-free’ programs.

New Update – August 2019

As we all know there are no benefits that you can get if you will smoke that is why a lot of smokers are trying to break from that bad habit.  However, not all smokers who try to quit that bad habit are successful with it because they eventually fail in the process. This makes hem frustrated in the long run thus accumulating more illnesses due to their bad vice.

Thankfully, this product that aims in helping people to quit smoking effectively has been created and because of this a lot of lives has been saved. Since I posted the review of this product a year ago a lot of people has successfully quitted smoking for good.

To give you an idea of what you will get if you will buy this product below are the following benefits.

  • It will help you quit smoking effectively without any excuses just straight to the point.
  • You will have better overall health which will surely lengthen your life span.
  • It will help you to have fresher breath and whiter teeth because cigarettes and tobaccos are known to damage our teeth which causes bad breath.

So if you want to quit smoking for good then this product is definitely a must-try!

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