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I am 41 years old woman, a research scientist working in the Food Research and Action Centre (FRAC) of the United States. I have 2 children and husband to take care of. Being a part of FRAC, I know the recent obesity issues in US and as per the recent reports of 2014 more than 2/3 of Americans are suffering from the obesity. Men and women both are almost equal victims of it. When I say that, I am one of those 68.5% of adults challenging overweight issues. I knew I had to change my metabolic system to fight and reshape my physics. The only guidance I was looking for is to how?

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What is Starve Mode?

Starve Mode is a book written by Leigh Peele, a trainer and author. She is famous for her fitness blogs, updates on Los Angeles Times, Live Strong and faboulus videos on You Tube. She speaks more about the women’s health issues and to cover everything at one place she wrote Starve Mode. The book covers diet breaks, refeeds, nutrition advises, dieting recipes, weight loss issues, activity monitoring, disordered or insufficient eating habits, hormones, mind set for better health achievement etc. My idea to stick to Starve Mode is that the book completely outlines both the aspects of good health that is physical and psychological.

The books come in two parts which are starvation and Fat Loss Troubleshoot. Starve Mode talks about the metabolism working while Fat Loss Troubleshoot largely concentrates on losing weight. They do intersect or go in different direction at certain points and hence it is advisable to buy both the books at the same time.

Starve Mode Honest Review

Starve Mode

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What is the coverage of book?

The Starve Mode covers essentially following aspects:

–       What is Starvation mode? Does it really survive?

–       How hormones play role while reducing weight?

–       Can Metabolism ever be improved once damaged?

–       What is the minimum level of water required per day?

–       What are my basic questions to my dietician or doctor for good health?

–       What is refeeding? Is it really required?

–       Does increase in calories per day mean gain in weight per day?

–       How do you keep fast metabolism at different age?


There is more than one good suggestion in the book but few will work really best for your personal growth and fitness. For me, the idea that I can still eat enough without worrying gaining weight works really well. It is only then I understand how understanding the metabolic behaviours can seriously affect the food habits.Being a research scientist, my acceptance level benchmark to physical scienceis quite high and I am gladLeigh Peele can make me convince what she believes.

What are the personal suggestions to use the book?

I started reading the book in parts giving enough breaks to make my own notes. I also maintained the progress card to see how it affects my body and the changes that I need to make to improve the results. I set targets in terms of reducing the weight and I could see I lost few lbs in few weeks. I could also mark out my undergarments and pants loosening up and at the same time my husband was showing more interest in me in bed. My advice would be to understand that the book works differently for different people. If I had any questions regarding changing my schedule which is not according to book then I directly post it on the forum and Leigh Peele is kind enough to answer it within 48 hours.

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How is it different from other products?

The book is not like a plethora of knowledge but talk sense for sure. The idea of audio book works really well for me. I am a great fan of kindle and the audiobooks supports kindle platform. Usually, I don’t get time to spend on reading being a mother of two and almost a dependent husband. Hence, I hear the audio book while I am working especially on lunch or break hours to balance my work and life. The calculators and excel timesheets are another great additions for some quick note of progress.

I would suggest any one to buy this book especially quickly as possible because the book is currently available in only $39. The price may go up due to its increasing popularity. Yes, Paypal payment is also possible.

I have crossed the age of 40 and menopause is almost gone. Before buying this book I was little worried if that would be restriction to me buying it. However, I read on the website that it completely works for any age and that is the truth I found out.

Since the effect of the book, one thing I can notice is that I am no more a damaged good!

New Update – September 2019

Most people fail when they try to lose weight because of several factors and the worst thing is they give up along the process. This is the primary reason why a lot of the percentage of the current population is obese and they can’t do anything about it.

Thankfully, there is this product that will help you basically with losing weight by means of starvation. Since I posted the review of this product a lot of people have managed to lose their weight in no time making their life really a comfortable one. To give you an idea of what you will get from the product here are the following benefits that you can get from it.

  • You will have the ability to reduce your weight really fast which will actually give you a better overall appearance.
  • It will give you better overall health because of the healthy techniques that this product will teach you.
  • You will have a much more focused mind since you will have a healthier well being which will result in better performance.

So if you want to transform your life for the better then this product is definitely the best one that you should look for. I suggest that you buy this product now and check the benefits for your self.

Thanks for Reading This Starve Mode Review.

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