Strike light Review – Does it WORK or NOT?

Do you remember when you were a little boy or girl and your parents used tales of the bad boogieman to scare you and keep you in check? You would have probably broken up in a cold sweat and have your heart pounding against your rib cage or rushed under the bed covers to hide. Those were all scare tactics to keep your naughty butt in check.

But now in adulthood, you must have realized that even though those tales were false, there are indeed real dangers out there in the world.

So, while you don’t want to stay hidden in your house frozen in fear. You will do well to prepare yourself in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

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Some keys to staying safe

Avoid lonely places

Of course, you know by now that you are more likely to experience an attack when you are alone especially when you are preyed on by a lone attacker. This is normal because your attacker will consider being outnumbered when you are in the company of others and avoid a confrontation.

Avoid dark areas

Bad things happen in dark places where the attacker can keep their identity secret. The very darkness gives bad people confidence to perpetuate their acts. But there are times when you find yourself in such situations due to no conscious choice of fault of yours. So what do you then?

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Having a defense plan

Preparation is the key to most successes in life. Although, it is evident some people also prepare to fail by not preparing at all. So, if you do not have any plan on what to do when you encounter a dangerous situation or find yourself in one, it would get the better of you. This is the very essence behind having the Strikelight.

Striking Features of the Strikelight

The material

The Strikelight is made with superior aluminium which makes it durable. You won’t be dealing with rust in just a few months after purchase. It also functions well as a defense tool. It is heavy enough to make a good impact on your assailant and light enough for you to wield expertly without risking a miss.

Easy operation

This is not the kind of flashlight with confusing multiple switches. I remember my experience with a funny flashlight once. I was in bed and I heard some scratching noises at the window area.  I fumbled about in the dark to reach for the flashlight and got hold of it, but I couldn’t get the position of the switch on time. I hit my head smack on the head rest and had headaches for days.

With the Strikelight, you just need a twist of the handle to elongate it and the on-switch is located strategically on the handle. So, you won’t be fumbling about for it and miss out on critical time needed.

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Light function

It is all about providing light in darkness but it comes in different degrees. You can operate the Strikelight at full power, if what you need is its long reaching rays to see far ahead and identify any potential or real danger or you can keep it at half power, if you are just surveying the situation. In an ongoing dangerous situation, you can go all the way to use the strobe function to blind your assailant. That’s one great thing!

Easy adjustment

You may be wondering what the length adjustment is all about. A feature that you won’t find in a regular flashlight. But you will appreciate that unique feature when you have to tackle both a close or faraway attacker. You will find that you can hit them without moving too close or you can still use the light to strike them within a closer range.

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Why you need a Strikelight

Handy and can be carried along

The failing of most security systems in residential areas is that they tend to be kind of stationary. So, they tend to lose effectiveness for your safety when you move away from where they are stationed. But with the Strikelight, you can always carry it with you. It would fit perfectly into your handbag or briefcase or even in your pocket as you go on your evening stroll.

Affordable enough to duplicate

This is not one defense gadget that you empty your account to purchase. So every member of your family can have one each. Or if you are still a lone ranger, you can buy more than one to keep in strategic positions in your home. You can even have a permanent one placed in your car. We all know we spend a large amount of time in our cars and attacks in cars are more frequent than we like to acknowledge.

Sure defense irrespective of personal limitations

The bulky guys or ladies can get away with a lot. Forget that some of them are all about the bluff, duh! Well, maybe as an average guy I’m a bit jealous of such studs. But then, you get to have it a lot easier than smaller people like me. For instance, a burglar would think twice before attempting to rob the house of a ribbed guy. With this Strikelight, you can even up on something that your assailant is bringing – surprise and strength.

 And it comes with positive feedback!

Well, I am not likely to submit myself willingly as a guinea pig to test products. So, my first point of call after checking the features of a product is to quickly ensure that others who have used it have positive things to say about it.

I was excited to notice happy customers who shared their experiences on how the Strikelight has worked for them and helped them to boost their security preparedness.

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And there is more…

When you purchase this product, you also get some freebies with it. Yay! I love freebies so I’m sure you should too.

Bonus 1: Plan B Defense

This self-defense guide gives you amazing information and techniques on strategies to defend yourself when you are under attack. These are not the usual tricks you learn in basic self-defense classes as they are only used in a matter of life and death and often as a last resort to take down your attacker.

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Bonus 2: 30-Day Escape

Maybe you have always been fantasizing about that adventurous getaway to a destination far from civilization. But you are too scared to delve into the unknown. This guide will break down all the requirements you need.

Of course, you would not be packing for the wild the same way you would when you are set for a luxury vacation on the Miami beaches. The guide narrows it down to the basics of taking only just what you need on the trip.

Bonus 3: Wild Scavenger

Well, this is not for the lily-livered. If you are all about going to the extreme, you need this guide that gives you unique survival tips in the wild. Like being able to differentiate edible plants from the poisonous ones. And who knows when a situation such as a car wreck or even plane crash could land in you in the wild?

As a lone survivor or one of the few, having this critical knowledge would surely make a difference between surviving and dying.

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At what cost?

All these amazing features and bonuses can be gotten at a nearly ridiculous discount. Yes, I was not expecting to see that such an amazing product could be priced below $50! Unbelievable right? But it is true. Well, there is actually a catch.

Only 500 Strikelights are being made available at that price before it goes back to its regular price. So, my thought is definitely to make sure I get one for my personal use and gift one to my girlfriend. Yeah, I love her and don’t want her to be at risk of attackers. You may want to follow my cue by getting it for yourself and your loved ones too.

New Update – January 2019

Knowing how to protect yourself from dangerous situation is a wonderful asset. And as we all know self-defense training never comes cheap because it is done by professionals and enrolling on their course would cost you a lot of money.

Since this “Strike Light” product was created everything with regards to self-defense is now attainable. And after I posted the review regarding this product many of guys who want to learn how to defend themselves on disastrous situations tried the product immediately.

They were all satisfied with the results and experienced the following benefits:

  • After trying the techniques that are inside the product they became confident especially on disastrous situations for the reason that they know how to defend themselves.
  • Self-defense techniques that are truly out of this world.
  • Risk reduction plans that are really effective and easy to do.

These are only an example of what you will learn if you buy the product. And I tell you that it is truly worth it to buy the product because it can save yourself if a catastrophic even arises.

The price is very cheap which makes the deal really enticing. I advise you to buy it now because you need protection for yourself as our life is precious because we only live once.


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