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You never know when you might be hit by disaster. There are natural calamities like floods, earthquakes and storms, which can hit without a moment’s notice. Even worse, there may be a war, or even a civil war, which may rapidly break down society and turn people into savages who will do anything to survive.

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At times like these, you can rely on no one except yourself and your immediate family.

Everyone thinks that disaster is far off, that we won’t be struck, and that we are safe. But can you give a hundred percent guarantee that you will never be hit by a disaster? Can you bet on the fact that you or your family will never have to face adverse circumstances?

Natural disasters are actually very common. America alone has been hit by hundreds of such disasters from 1900 to 2106, as detailed in this report by statista.

The truth is, anything bad can happen to anyone, at any time. And if it does, you need to be prepared.

Survive and Thrive System:


This is a training program for survival which was created by Chip Foreman. Foreman was an Army person, who went to fight in Afghanistan and also Iraq. During his days as an Army man, he learned a lot of survival skills. These are skills which will help you live and survive, no matter what the conditions are. Chip Foreman decided to share these survivor tips and tricks with others, which are generally just known by highly trained Army personnel.

Can you Survive a Disaster?

We all like to think that we are very tough, but ask yourself honestly: if some disaster strikes, do you think you will be able to make it without any help? In today’s world, people have become so dependent on technology that they have no clue how to survive without it. People cannot imagine living without electricity even in an everyday setting, let alone in case of a disaster when there is no other resource either.


Survive and Thrive System has rave reviews, as it really teaches you the nitty gritty of surviving in all circumstances. The disaster may be man-made or natural, it doesn’t matter.

Chip foreman’s Training:

Army personnel undergo a lot of tough training exercises. This website talks about some of this survival exercise and routines. Foreman underwent three main phases of training. These were Ford Benning Phase, Mountain Phase and Florida Phase. The Mountain Phase was the toughest, and it taught him all that he implemented in his program, because of which it got such great reviews.

Survival Lessons:

There is a lot that this program will teach you:

  • Learn About your Surroundings: You should know if there are things around you which you can use to survive in case of a calamity. For example is there a source of water near your home like a lake? You need water to survive, no matter what the conditions are. More than that, the water needs to be clean. Polluted, infected water can do more harm than good. In this training program, you will be taught an authentic, scam-free technique of purifying water easily.


  • Preparing a survival Kit:
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  • In case of an emergency, you need to have quick access to a survival kit, which contains everything needed to survive. Most people know that this kit should contain water bottles, matches, a knife and some source of food which provides rapid energy, like protein bars. However, in this program you will be told how to pack a complete and detailed survival backpack so it contains 23 different items needed for making it in case of an emergency. At the same time, the weight of the backpack will not exceed 35 lbs, so you can actually carry it around..
  • Having a Detailed Plan: Disasters can often create a sense of panic, so you cannot think straight. However, if you have a pre-made plan, you will know exactly what to do and how to save yourself and your family.
  • Long-term Sustenance: Let’s say you survived the first few days of a disaster, but are now stranded and need to survive in hostile environment. Maybe there is no food, or clean water, and there is no civilization nearby. Electricity went off and you cannot rely on technology. It seems like no one will be coming to save you any time soon. What will you do? This legit training program with excellent reviews will teach you how to survive in harsh environment for a long period of time. You will be able to make it for as long as two years, without any outside help.
  • A Bunker: Many of you might think that this is a little excessive, but it really is not so. In case of a serious disaster, let’s say a nuclear attack or a chemical spill, you need somewhere to keep yourself and your family safe. This survival training book will tell you how you can create a bunker on a budget, and with ease. It will not even take that much time. You can make this bunker in a single weekend. You will also be taught about how you can make a store of food items which will not decay, spoil or go bad. After all, no one can live without food and you need it in case of a disaster.
  • You Need to Teach your Family: If any disaster does strike, and you are confident that you are strong and resourceful and will be able to make it, spare some time and think about your family. Are they strong and resourceful, too?
  • Foreman places a lot of importance on teaching your spouse and kids how to survive in case of an emergency. He makes a solid case. After all, if something happens to you, how will your family survive if they do not know what to do? This is why in his e-book Survive and Thrive System, he gives step-by-step pointers about teaching your family how to fend for themselves in case of an emergency.
  • Combat: Combat is a scary thing, which people are afraid to learn. Chip Foreman will teach the basics of combat and threat neutralization techniques. This means that if, at any time, you are attacked by anyone, you will be able to protect yourself and your family. This e-book will empower you so you will never fear an assailant again. The techniques detailed in the guide are very authentic and not a scam.
  • Fire: You will learn how to create a self-sustaining fire without using matches.
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  • Survival at Sea: if you find yourself stranded in the ocean, with points given in this program, you will be able to survive till you are rescued.
  • Recognizing Danger: you will learn how to recognize whether the imminent danger is real or not. Also, when should you make a run for it and when should you stay put?
  • Transmitting Signals: You need to call for help but your phone is not working? Here you will learn how to make others aware of your condition as well as your position without using your phone, or any other technology.
  • Clean Environment: Living somewhere where the sewage mixes with drinking water can be a huge disaster. In case of a calamity, you might not have the luxury of a working toilet. In such a case, you need to know how to dispose off your waste, and how to keep your drinking water clean.
  • Plants and Natural Life: Even if you stored a food stash, you might find yourself far away form it at time of a disaster. This pdf e-book will tell you how to turn to nature to sustain yourself. You will learn about hunting animals, catching fish without traditional fishing gear, and even how to recognize insects which can provide good nutrition. You will also learn about plants which can be safely eaten. Some plants can also be used to treat cuts, wounds and burns, and you will learn how to recognize these plants.

What are the Benefits of Buying Survive and Thrive Book?

Now that you know all that the book will teach, the next question might be, why should you buy it? After all, there are tons of survival tips found on the internet. Why should you spend your money on a paid pdf version when you can get free tips any time? Why is this e-book being reviewed?


The answer is that there are several benefits of this product, which are as follows:

  • All in One: You will learn basic survival skills, long-term survival, combat skills and many other things all in one. You do not have to constantly search for new data as everything you need is written in this book.
  • 2 E-books: The first one talks about surviving immediate danger while the second one is about long-term survival in case of having no other help. In this way, with these e-books you have yourself covered in all cases of disaster.
  • For Every Condition and Calamity: This program will teach you how to survive in all sorts of disasters. These include war, nuclear attack, drought, famine, terrorist attack, tsunami etc.
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  • Simple to Follow: The steps detailed in this guide are simple and easy, so everyone can follow them. This was a necessity as the book is meant for everyone, and not just trained military men. Chip Foreman analyzed every survival trick he knew, and made it simpler to understand and follow.


  • For Everyone: The points in this guide are for everyone; men women and even teenagers.


  • Stress Management: You will find odd tips everywhere but what makes this guide great is, it also tells you how you can stay focused and manage stress in case of an emergency or a disaster. You will also get to actually practice these skills, as the guide contains scenarios which will train you for a real disaster. When you get to practice, you will gain confidence and in case of an actual calamity, you will be that much more relaxed and in control.


  • Competitive Price:  Given the number of skills you will learn from this training guide, it is priced rather fairly. This is a huge positive point of Survive and Thrive System.

New Update – July 2019

It will be hard if you do not have the capability to surpass crisis situations and it mostly occurs abruptly. Furthermore, if it happened within your place it is important that you have the fundamentals on how to surpass it because the safety of you and your family is at risk.

We must be appreciative because a product has been created which the main reason of training people the crucial survival strategies through an efficient training regimen. Since we posted this review a huge number of people have used it to keep their families safe.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get if you will purchase this product:

  • You will feel very safe every time because you have the fundamentals that everyone must have.
  • Your overall wellbeing will significantly improve because the physical activities that you will do when you purchase this product are super advantageous for the health.
  • You will have a guarantee that you and your family are always secure to those types of scenarios.

So if you want to learn the fundamentals of the survival techniques always remember that this product will truly be helpful! I guarantee that you will not regret buying this product.

Thanks for Reading This Survive And Thrive System Review.

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