Swing Man Golf Review: The Truth Revealed!


Many of us might have praised the Golf playing skills of our buddies in the ground. It always feel enticing, and spellbinding to see the ball speeding in air for long-long distances perfectly across the teeing ground. We must have wondered and wished to have those techniques using which we could master our swings with no hooks and slices, through which we sweep the ball off the tees with maximum speed and distance at the same time in optimized input.
It is said that distance in golf is influenced by swing speed. And if suddenly you get a magic wand that can help you increase both- isn’t this the best? Golf Man Swing aims at perfecting this technique of rapidly gaining super swing speed that could be taught to any golfer.

“Swing” Man Golf is the best thing an amateur, a professional, and a mediocre can go for achieving a sea of skills – some of its everlasting features highlighted above.

Superficially it is an online membership system, but It is a world more. You can get direct access to all the blogs, videos, photos, moves, styles, support –no matter where you are, it is always there whenever you need it. It shouldn’t be confused with mail-DVDs.


Swing Man Golf Review: The Truth Revealed!

Swing Man Golf

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It is rightly justified as a mysterious 1% change you need to bring in yourself yielding 99 % results you have been awaiting for since so long through a series of always available, up-to-date online complete tutorial system.

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The products come in different flavors like Swing Man Golf Premier membership, Bronze level access to the Swing man Elite (Handicap Improver), Hit it longer, The Mike Austin Swing with Jaacob Bowden, How to shoot lower Golf scores, All in One and many more




This product is a 10 years long effort, dedication of world renowned Jaacob Bowden. He has won the PINNACLE DISTANCE challenge with a televised drive of 381 yards. Adding more he hit a documented grid-record 421 yard blast at RE/MAX World Long Drive Qualifier.


Apart from this he has been pioneer in spreading golf skills to many enthusiasts. His book has been #1 best selling golf E-book. His tutorials have benefitted over 5,500 customers.


He has been a personal pupil of Dan Shauger and an acquaintance to late Mike Austin who holds the Guiness Book of World Records entry for the longest drive of 515 yards with a persimmon driver!



  • This is easily adaptable – you need not change your Golf Swing to use it.
  • Person from any age group and any shape can get benefitted – you don’t need to be Camilo Villegas for this.
  • Only 10 minutes a day, 2 times a week!!
  • This will help you to reach often Par 4’s and Par 5’s in 2.
  • In general adds 12-16 mph, 30-40 yards to your drives.
  • 24/7 access to exclusive instructional videos, blogs, printable photos, swing speed training programs, downloadable logs and written instruction to meet all learning styles.
  • Reliable Customer support online.
  • Best thing is, The Swing Speed Training can even be done indoors.
  • Swing Man Golf delivers brand new functions with just about every introduction.
  • It troubles smart solutions and practical hints on the ways Swing Man Golf.
  • Swing Man Golf is absolutely a flexible type of, feature-packed item that’s additionally extremely simple to use, which indicates it’s fine being utilized.



Personally I couldn’t get anything that is illogical with this product. But still personal assistance center at some places could be made so that personal interaction is possible resulting in a more efficient training.


  • It guarantees money back if results are not upto the mark or you are not satisfied with the product after 30 days. It also guarantees to increase 30 yards in 30 days.
  • 20 % off on all-in personal Golf instruction training with Jaacob.
  • Special Bonuses on particular occasions that include “The Secrets of Mike Austin’s 515 yard drive”, “14- Day Bronze level Access to the Swing Man Elite”




For the Legit version of Swing Man Golf at reasonable price you can directly contact the distributors for a fast, secure download. The basic product starts from 49.95 $.



This will help you to gain Golf Swing skills, increase your Swing speed and add yards to your drives.

With the world getting digital and increasing technological trends, this is an easily available, online membership system that constantly gets updated.

Outstanding, innovative and beneficial, this product will always be with you wherever you are.

Since it has benefited over 5,500 persons it is worth trusting and investing
and thus will always be with you, wherever you are.

Thanks for Reading This Swing Man Golf Review.

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