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TACGYM  is a fitness program which consists of a simple, easy and concrete fitness regimen through different models of movement by which you can become a more healthy person

Who is behind the Tactical gymnastics fitness program and why is he qualified

Scott Sonnon is the person behind this program and he is a qualified expert on the subject having…

  • Spent close to 30 years trying out different models of movements
  • Spent close to 20 years testing these models
  • Spent close to 10 years improving his coaching skills so that he may be able to appropriately teach his method in as clear and simple form as possible

The components of the Tactical gymnastics fitness program

This program has 6 major components, some in the form of guides, others in the form of videos. The 6 components are…

Component #1; TACGYM manual.

As evidenced from the title, this is a guide. It is 79 pages in lenght.

Tactical Gymnastics by Scott Sonnon Review - What are the Benefits?

Tactical Gymnastics by Scott Sonnon

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In this guide, the exact foundations upon which this program is built are laid out.

It also includes a detailed guide on the 12 missions associated with each workout session.

The guide is chock full of images in between written texts.

In addition, a way by which you can score yourself based on the results of each of your workout session is included.

There is a calendar chart with which you can easily schedule how you intend to carry out your routine

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Component #2; TACGYM instructional videos.

These are accompanying videos to component #1.

These videos more accurately explain the mission statement for which the program is built

Component #3; TACGYM follow along videos.

These are videos through which you can do exactly as scott teaches.

This will drastically shortcut your learning curve.

This will save loads of time on the next step you need to take after your last workout session.

Component #4; Lower Body Flexibility Yoga For Performance Recovery Programs.

This component is based on Archimedes principle. It is in video format and consists of 3 main videos with each video not lasting more than 20 minutes.

In it, you will discover…

  • The breathing and body alignment techniques which you can use to improve your chances of success and drastically help you to prevent injuries. These techniques are a result of 3 yoga stretch routines meant for the lower body
  • How to start and end each positional alignment while stretching without injuring yourself in the process
  • In addition to the instructional videos described above in this component, there are also follow along videos.
  • Each of these follow along videos is 6 minutes in length. It helps you to perfectly transition between different positions.
  • These videos contains very clear and detailed instructions from the coach

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Component #5; Body Rolling Also Known As Myofascial Release.

This also consists of both an instructional video and a follow-along video.

The instructional video is 41 minutes in length and it consists of what myofascial release is all about, why it is efficient and how to properly make use of it.

The follow-along video is 10 minutes long. This video contains instructions on how you can recover from the day’s routine and relax your body in preparation for the next day’s routine.

Component #6; Caduceus: The Healing Staff.

This is a flexibility routine for the upper body.

As with the last 2 components, it has an instructional video as well as a follow along video.

The instructional video is 33 minutes long.

This video will teach you an improved technique on how to use ancient martial art staff conditioning methods to free up the tightness in the upper body.

These consists of 13 movements overall and each movement transitions from one to the next.

The follow along video is just 5 minutes in length.

In it, Scott shows you how you the warm up routine (before the day’s workout) and the cool down routine (after the day’s workout) you need to follow and apply to ensure optimal success

exercise photo

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The Tactical gymnastics fitness program, you will discover…

  • How to decrease the effort it takes to express your power and increase your ability to do so at the same time
  • How you can gain back your strenght after experiencing destabilisations, sudden changes in movement and or forced translations
  • How you can perform your activities – exercise, recreation or even your job in a smoother manner, grace and flexibility
  • How to positively improve your mood, attitude, and reasoning by being able to create more energy in your body and throughout your day
  • How you can lead a higher quality of life and reduce or even eliminate severe pains in the process
  • How you can increase the rate at which your connect tissue strength, joints, and response time improves. This helps you to prevent injuries from happening
  • An accelerated way to make your body conform to new physical skills. The result of this is that the manner with which you can overcome obstacles or challenges becomes greatly improved
  • How to improve your body awareness. This will acutely improve your sensitivity to positioning, movements and tension

In addition to the above which fewer programs are able to offer, you get the usual such as strength improvement, flexibility, agility, stamina and others.

Though you can lose weight after going through the training program, this is a by-product and not a end in itself

Get Tactical Gymnastics

Get Tactical Gymnastics Now

What makes it unique

Tactical gymnastics

  • Is an improvement on martial arts without incurring any form of pain or injuries.
  • Focuses on the use of actual coaching as a means of being fit
  • Provides a synergy of Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, French, Persian, Brazilian, and Indian types of movements. It is the only fitness program that I know that offers such. No movement can be traced back to any particular origin


Your investment in the program is $149 and it is a one-time payment

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The tactical gymnastics fitness program comes with a 60 days refund policy in case you are not satisfied with the results you get after making use of the program.


As with any viable product, the sales page for the Tactical gymnastics fitness program is flooded with lots of testimonials of those who have successfully made use of the program


There is the quick support team available as quickly as possible to sort out any issues you may be having with the program or provide answers to any questions you may have to enable you to make an informed purchase


My rate of the program is 9 of 10.

This is because it has proof that it works (testimonials), it has backed by someone of 30 years’ experience in the ‘true life’ field of martial arts and also because the price is not out of reach.

New Update – June 2019

There are lots of people that want to enter the sport of gymnastics but only a few of them pursues it because they are afraid of the technicalities that come along it. This is the primary reason why many of them will never ever come across a chance to learn the sport.

Thankfully, there is this product that will help you all throughout in mastering gymnastics. Since I posted the review of this product several months ago a lot of people are now enjoying the benefits of it.

Here are the following benefits that you should expect if you will buy this product:

  • You will learn the rules in gymnastics which is very beneficial if you want to master the sport.
  • It will help you get familiarized with its fundamentals.
  • You will learn the advanced techniques that you can use in becoming good at the sport.

So if you want to learn gymnastics quickly then this product is definitely the one that you should buy. Honestly, you will not have any regrets if you buy this product because its benefits are truly amazing and will help you to achieve your goals in gymnastics real quick and easy.

Thanks for Reading This Tactical Gymnastics Review.

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