Text That Girl Review – Does it WORK or NOT?

How many times have you seen a girl in the club or anywhere and instantly liked her? Countless, right?

So you hatch a plan and envision how you’ll walk up to her, chat her up; throw in a bit of witty banter before going for the icing on the cake. Her number.

Most of us don’t get to walk on this Holy Grail on our first attempt, regardless of the numerous hours of planning we put in.

So we claw, scratch, go back to the drawing board, scheme some more then sooner rather than later, BAM! You get her number!


Text That Girl Review - What are the Benefits?

Text That Girl by Race dePriest

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Got The Number, WOOHOO! Now What?

You get the number but then you’re mind goes blank. About a dozen questions start racing through your mind:

  1. What should I do next?
  2. Should I call her?
  3. Should I text?
  4. Should I wait 3 days?
  5. Should I ignore the three day rule?
  6. What would I even say to her?
  7. What if she gave me a dummy number to throw me off?
  8. What if she doesn’t respond?

This is where Race De Priest’s literary work of art, Text That Girl comes into play.

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It is an incredible book with very simple texting tips that will get you from that random dude whom I gave my number too so that he would go away to the number one man in her life.

The eBook isn’t just some random dating book, it has got a wide range of profiles for almost every type of girl out there. Every type. And the best part about it is that it keeps everything incredibly simple and interesting.

I noticed a tone of real life scenarios in the book which most of us experience every day.

Text That Girl will help you navigate through any hurdle or speed bumps.

It provides useful tips on not only how to break the ice, but how to generally conduct yourself in a number of played out situations.

 Get ANY Girl to Like You Just by Texting. Even Your EX.

Impossible, huh? Wrong! Very possible.

Text That Girl easily guides you to the type of girl you just got her number, and shows you the reader how to text that type of girl.

The scenarios play out in various ways and the book anticipates every turn and corner the girl will try to duck under.


Who Is This?

The first reply you’ll always get when you text her will be “Who is this?” Face it, you aren’t the only guy texting her. The eBook helps you go from probably the Last on her list to The First on her list.

The author outlines every step you need to take while texting her and this ups your chances of getting her to going out with you.

 I Went On One Date With Her And I blew It.

We all have an off night, week or if you’re on the wrong side of Lady Luck; a month. The eBook shows you in a few simple texts how you can salvage a date gone wrong and get yourself another shot with her for the second time, third time, fourth time…you get the gist.

 Naughty by Nature, Forbidden by Society.

Women are into sex and sexting just as much as you are. The eBook  gives you a detailed insight which will help you get her to break the barrier of shyness society has forced her to put up and unleash her inner naughty side!

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Dinner? “No thanks, how about you come over for some ‘coffee’?”

Face it, you want to be asked that question by any woman. Only an idiot would say “no”, with the techniques and tips on how to text any girl you can Skip Dinner and Head right down to Dessert!

Text That Girl is an amazing eBook that not only gave me countless hours of fun reading throughout the book, but also numerous ways and techniques to text a girl and have her in the palm of my hands.

No longer do you have to wait in line for her to pick you from her long inventory of men, the tips and techniques in the book do all the work for you and give you an edge on the competition.

 The book will provide you with an advantage so unfair you’ll almost feel a bit guilty for using it.


The dreaded area where most nice guys end up in.

There’s always that girl who you like and always profess your affection to but she always puts you in her “BFF” pocket where it’s most likely you won’t come out of.

With the texting tips in Text That Girl, you’ll be surprised to see her at your doorstep wanting to help you move in with her and stay with her.

New Update – April 2019

There are times the only option for you to get the attention of a woman that you want is through text messaging especially if you are too timid to show your feelings personally.  That is why “Text That Girl” was created in order to guide you along the way on how to get a relationship by just texting.

A lot of timid men have benefitted a lot from this product and they were all satisfied on what they have experienced when they tried implementing the techniques to women. Right now, they are already certified playboys and can win the hearts of any women that they want by just texting.

That is why I suggest that you to purchase this product now for you to experience what they have experienced by just using this. Here are the following benefits that you should expect by purchasing this product:

  • You will get familiarized with the art of seduction through text.
  • You can get any woman that you like and they will surely fall under your spell.
  • The girls that you will text will ask for an eyeball and because of that, you will surely have the chance to get laid.

So if you want to experience those then try this product now because this is the best seducing guide that you can ever have!

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