The 3 Week Diet Review – Does it Really Work?

The 3 Week Diet Program has gained tremendous recognition and publicity in such a short time mainly because of its claims of fast weight loss effects. The program seeks to strategically and effectively combine the three weight loss processes – exercising, dieting and motivation.

About The Author

The 3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt program has been developed by Brian Flatt, a health coach, sports nutritionist and a life coach. According to his website, he developed the program after many years of helping individuals lose weight. He also draws a lot from his career as a sports nutritionist and his years of experience enable him to come up with a comprehensive yet simplified fat loss program.

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Brian graduated with honours in biology from University of San Diego. He made his entry into the weight loss field in the early 1990’s when he incorporated REV fitness in South California, a health fitness studio that has since grown into a personal fitness and life coach consultancy. Over the years, Brian claims to have assisted many clients with fat and weight loss with tremendous results.

How it Works

The 3 Week Diet  by Brian Flatt program is divided into 4 modules. The first part is an introductory section and it guides the reader on how to apply the program. The introductory section also provides some in-depth information on various dieting and exercising concepts such as the exercise habit and the food pyramid. The other three modules of the program provide a step by step guide into how to apply the exercising, dieting and motivation techniques towards weight loss.

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The Exercising Module

The exercising module is ideal for a lay person as it does not require any equipment or any professional guide to follow through. Brian concentrates on the Kettlebell exercises but also ventures into other weight loss work-out programs. His work-out program is very simple to follow and seeks to enable anyone to participate in the program. The module also provides 4 different work-out schedules so as to provide flexibility.

The Dieting Module

This module is the main part of the program and it provides the reader with a structured dieting guide. The principle behind the 3-week Diet program is to cause weight loss fast so as to motivate the user to keep at it. The diet program is set to cut on calorie fast by replacing carbohydrate content with essential proteins.

The 3 Week Diet Review - Does it Really Work?

The Motivation Module

This is a short section of the program and it provides goal setting techniques to assist the reader to keep with the program until it produces the desired results within the 3 weeks.

Critique of Product

The 3 Week Diet program is still pretty new and there are not so many reviews on the product. However, the few who have tried out the program have positive feedback on the product.

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