The 67 Ways Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

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From one of the most sought after and highest paid male escorts in the country;

2 things are certain;

  • Women are much more wild and perverted than most men realize
  • 99% of the men they sleep with will never that wild side of them. This is because most men do not have the first clue about how to turn a woman on let alone make her come.

If you have ever slept with a girl and then wondered if she was secretly disappointed with your performance, then, you are most likely right she was disappointed.

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The biggest reasons women call male escorts for their services is because their man sucks in bed.

To have a chance with any girl you are in relationship with, you need to be better than the other men she has been with and this does not require that you be the best lover in the world.

If you are not she will always remember the guy who was the best and she will always fantasize about him even when she is with you and crave for what she is missing provided she does not even go behind you to get it.

Though you may be forgiven the first time if you do not give her great sex, if this happens a second time, she will instantly get bored with the relationship.

She will either end the relationship or stay in the relationship but avoid having sex with you and when you have the chance to have sex with her, she will never show you how wild in bed she can ever be.

The opposite is also true, when a woman finds a girl who rocks her world, she will want to do him all the time and be eager to do any nasty thing you want just so that you can satisfy her.

It is a proven fact that women are much wilder but they only exhibit this wild nature when the sex is great.

This is because average sex to a lady means no sex at all.

Simply put, if you are bad in bed, her desire to have sex with you will drop like a rock.

If she happens to stay in the relationship, she will start acting bitchy in the hope that you will realize what is going on.

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Women sex secrets

Sex secret #1; a woman will never tell you if you are bad in bed.

Sure, she will complain to her girlfriends about how clueless and clumsy you are in bed, but she will never ever tell you.

This is because she knows how crushing it is for men for a woman to tell them that they suck in bed and because she does not want to crush your ego, she will not tell you but fakes orgasm and pretend that she is satisfied.

This however creates a huge problem as you may think you are good in bed while she is lying there wishing that she was with someone who knew how to make her come so that she will not need to fake her orgasm

Sex secret #2; a woman’s body is able to have as much as 10 times the pleasure as men.

A woman can have multiple orgasms in the same session – g-spots orgasm, clitoral orgasm, deep spot orgasm, anal orgasm and even squirming orgasms.

When a guy claims that women do not have as much pleasure as a man during sex, it is because she does not know how to give women the depths of pleasure that a woman’s body is truly capable of

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Sex secret #3; when you give a woman orgasm, she wants it all the time.

Since most guys are bad in bed, it is very rare that women have great sex and when they do with someone special, they feel lucky to have sex with them and thus do anything to keep such person around even if the guy treats such women without respect, treats them as crap, yet she will stay with him.

This is because he is great in bed and knows how to make her come.

When you give a woman orgasm, she wants it all the time.

She gives you random blow jobs to make you want her as much as she does.

Then, she starts doing any and every nasty things you want because she wants to desperately make sure that you are satisfied as well

This system works…

The 67 Ways by Josh Allwood Review: The Truth Revealed!

The 67 Ways by Josh Allwood

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  • No matter what size you are
  • How long you can last in bed
  • Even if you have a hard time getting and giving an erection


The system will show you how you can give a woman an orgasmic experience she will never forget.

Why Josh Allwood is qualified

Josh Allwood -the creator of 67 ways is qualified because

  • he was one of the highest paid male escorts in the country for over 6 years.
  • He had to make any woman come every time and without excuse.
  • These women demand this since that is what they paid for. Thus, he had to learn a ton of ways to make different women with different body languages come.

This led him to a ton of research and tested the results of his research on his many different clients.

This thus allowed him to throw away what did not work and retained what worked.

This led to a final result of 67 techniques that make women come.

These are 67 tried, tested and proven techniques which his clients have testified to.

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Why the 67 ways to make her come system was created

Having been with different women, some of whom are married, and some who are in great relationships, he sensed the desire of each of these women to get their hands on a program that can teach their man how to satisfy them in bed.

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What is contained in this guide

  • How to kiss a woman in a way that flips on her doodly switch
  • Why more foreplay will not make you better in bed and what ypu need to do instead
  • 12 step by step seduction routines that will take her from fully clothed to naked even if she has turned you down before
  • The 19 errogenous senses in a woman’s body and exactly which ones to touch. Only one in a thousand men know this
  • 37 ways to touch, tease and please even the most dry woman in a way that maker her pussy warm with the desire for you
  • How to use your fingers to giver her an explosive clittoral orgasm while she still has her panties on
  • How to giver her an overwhelming g-spot orgasm with your fingers that she feels from 3 different angles
  • 12 pre-oral techniques that get her warm posey within her legs and begging you to go down on her
  • How to give a woman all 5 types of orgasms one after the other in a way that makes each one increase in intensity
  • How to get your girl to give you blowjobs and love doing it even if she hates doing it now or never does it all
  • A dead giveaway that tells you how much pleasure you give her when fingering her so that you may ensure that she is getting the most pleasure possible and has an orgasm everytime
  • The orgasmic thrusting technique
  • And much more


The “67 ways to make her come” guide comes with an 8-week refund policy and thus you bear no risk at all.

This program is rated a 9 out of 10.

New Update – May 2019

There are times that our woman is not satisfied with our performance in bed that’s why a lot of relationships have been compromised. This is the primary reason why we must take a corresponding action about it because if taken for granted it can lead to the total destruction of relationships.

So if you want to make your relationship spicier than ever then this product is absolutely the best one for you!

If you will purchase this product expect that you can experience the following benefits:

  • You will learn how to make your woman beg for your attention, especially in bed.
  • It will teach you how to find the g-spot of a woman making you master the art of desire.
  • This product will transform you from a loser into a winner in no time.
  • You will know how to seduce any woman that you have a crush making it really easy for you to get their attention anytime.
  • Not only it will give you an advantage towards women but also it will make yourself a lot more confident which you can use in your social life as well.

I encourage you to change your life for the better by buying this product. You will surely become the man that every woman wants and it is guaranteed!

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