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While lots of people have made use of the teachings available on manifestation, many still wondered why they are unable to attract the kind of success promised in these teachings.

This is so despite the fact that they practised everything dutifully, they find little success or worst, no success at all!

Though the question on many of their lips is “what went wrong?” but the truth is not all the teachings out there on manifestation are complete and only a small part of the whole truth is shared.

This thus causes them to reject the law of attraction and the initial fiery optimism of the law was quickly replaced with disillusion.

You must have been one of those; otherwise, you will not be reading this review here and now.

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Facts that you must allow to sink into your mind

  • Abundance is your birthright and those who live life ‘large’ understand this. If you do not believe this, it is because you have been conditioned to believe that there is not enough to go around.
  • It does not matter to the source whether you ask for a little or for a lot. Your ‘withdrawal’ neither lessens anyone else’s opportunities nor do they diminish the total amount of available abundance. The only limits on ‘your share’ are the limits set by you
  • Do not try too hard to make the law of attraction work. It has been proven that the more you try to make it work, the less it works for you and the more it works against you


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What this program is

The awakened source reveals timeless wisdom that has allowed people of all ages from all works of life to live a life of abundance, fulfillment and freedom.

It is a complete, detailed and effective program on how to activate harmonic flowing effortlessly.


After making use of the program, you will be able to…

  • Achieve whatever it is that you have set out to achieve
  • Be able to do what you love with whoever you love, whenever you want and with whoever you wish to be
  • Be able to start whichever hobbies you wish to start and at anytime you wish to start it
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How Laura King is qualified

Having used the law of attraction methods with no success, she abandoned the law.

Thus, it was no coincidence that she eventually met with Mr Paul Geodfrey who told her the missing piece of why the law of attraction has never worked for her, what key she has been missing when making use of the law and thus eventually change her life for good forever.

She is a leader in the personal development space and has since transformed the lives of hundreds and thousands of individuals as evidenced by the testimonials

The significance of the key that makes the law of attraction work so well

The key…

  • Captures the essence of universal principles in a way that makes manifesting abundance simple, effortless and probable
  • Is one single, super-powerful secret of success to effective manifestation
  • Is almost never mentioned in the law of attraction books out there

Why Laura is sharing this key

This is to allow everyone to possess this critical piece of information that is often missing, but absolutely necessary for successful manifestation with the law of attraction. It is confirmed by Laura and those with whom have had the opportunity of making use of this program that the law of attraction works especially with the critical key as is included in the program.

It is part of her promise to Paul.

That is, to continue the legacy by sharing this gift with her friends, colleagues and many other people she comes across

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What is contained in the Program

You are awakened to a source of power and wisdom that puts directly in touch with the source and allows you to experience harmonic flowing.

You will receive the secret to unblocking your inner conflicting thoughts.

What this program is not

If your aim is to ask for things that has elements of ‘hate’ in it, this program will not work for you.

This is because the nature of the source is all about compassion, love and giving.


Each of this bonus is designed to complement and enhance your manifestation experience for the awakened source so that you can start seeing results in the shortest time possible.

Bonus #1; Your Awakened Source To Prosperity. Full Retail Value; $67.

This consists of prosperity hacks that you can make use of right now to complement the awakened source program guide.

Bonus #2; Miracles Of Your Mind By Dr. Joseph Murphy.

The Awakened Source by Laura King Review: The Pros & Cons

The Awakened Source by Laura King

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Dr. Murphy is one of the pioneer leaders in the self development industry.


The awakened source program plus the corresponding bonuses (worth over $250) will cost you $47

Extra Bonus; Love Yourself Manual. Value; $97.

This is a 20-page guide that offers you practical in-depth done for you instructions.

In this guide, you will discover how to reconnect your inner world within overwhelming of self-love and open up your treasury of abundance of love, happiness and peace of mind.

Note; Laura mentions that this bonus can be taken away at any time she deems fit.


You are backed by a 100%, 60 days money back guarantee if the program does not work for you or if you do not find the program useful to you in anyway

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Why the awakened source is unique

You can do your research there are many superficial manifestation teachings that do not work.

This program totally empowers your mind by tapping right into your source of abundance

What you need to do to activate the harmonic flowing in the quickest way possible

It is backed by over 35,000 students who have made use of this program


With the price of this program set at $47, you now have a chance to positively change your life since it is greatly less than the amount you will spend on your visit to the psychologist or counselor.

The best proof that this program works is the actual results of over 35,000 people who have made use of this program.

You can take it on and with the 100% money back guarantee in place, this program is absolutely 100% risk free.

By investing in this program you get to live the life you have ever dreamed of.

You do not have to do the research on your own, since all the research and testing has been performed by Laura and her team.

Since it has worked for the 35,384 students of Laura, there is a near 100% possibility that it will work for you.

I stand by this program and give it a rating of 9 out of 10.

New Update – January 2019

There are times when we become really frustrated because we are not achieving our goals. This happens because of the lack of knowledge on how to reach certain goals effectively. Many fail because of this factor and will definitely not become successful if they continued to be like that.

Until this product which is called “The Awakened Source” was created, this product will definitely get you in the right path easily. It will activate the positive energies in your body and will keep you motivated at all times.

Because as we all know being motivated can do a lot of wonders on yourself and will help you stay on track. A lot of people that already bought the product are completely satisfied with it because it significantly helped them in reaching their goals.

That is why if you are looking to get your life better then this product is definitely for you. I advise you to buy this product now and get the results that you always wanted. Many people became successful because of this product and you can be one of them too!

I wish you good luck in achieving your goals and we know that it is not easy but with the help of “The Awakened Source” it is possible.

Thanks for Reading This The Awakened Source Review.

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