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I love cars! Do you know that my summer job throughout college days was at a car dealership? Most of my friends laughed at me and strutted their important jobs before me but I didn’t care. Working at that car dealership was almost like a form of worship for me.

I mean I would hold run my finger over the sleek Chevrolet and be lost in a daydream – riding with the windows down with my then super crush, her hair blowing free. I would close my eyes and feel the ecstasy on my skin until my boss yelled my name and I quickly jerked back to reality.

My boss wasn’t the nicest person but I didn’t care as long as I could spend my day with the cars. And I learnt pretty fast on the job. I could reel off their names and specifications without consulting any manual. I knew my boss was proud of me, even though he tried hard to conceal it.


When I got my first beat down truck as my 18th birthday present, I had tears in my eyes as I took the keys from my dad. I took care of that car and transformed it within a few months from my savings.

Okay, I’m ranting again. Forgive me, I get so passionate when I talk about cars. My girlfriend calls my car her rival because I always give her a list of instructions before I allow her drive it.

So imagine her horror when I tell her I’m thinking of going into the importing/exporting car business. She would totally flip! Lol.

But I have good intentions though and since I discovered this wonderful manual that can set up anyone interested in this line of business, I thought to share and maybe we can decide on this one together.


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Why the importing/exporting car business?

This is one thriving industry that many tend to ignore because they are not aware of its profits. I’m sure you may not even have an idea of the exporting rate. I didn’t too until I discovered this course by Don Massey, a licensed car dealer in Colorado.

When you buy cars in the US and export them, you will be making a margin of profit that would surprise you.

And again, people love cars from America. So, you can always be sure of having a ready market for your merchandise.

Why you need this guide

Well, it’s pretty obvious that if you were given the choice to explore a tunnel blindfolded or open eyed and also given a torch,  you are more likely to choose the latter option. It is the same thing when you are going into an uncharted business territory for the first time. You would want to make sure that you have got all the ends covered.

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Some features of the manual

Knowing the right target countries

This is like the first thing that you would not want to get wrong. Because the choice of country would largely determine your margin of profit. So, let’s say you keep exporting cars to a country and you are not making much, you would be running at a loss.

It is also the same with importing. There are some cars that are notably cheaper in some countries. So, this guide by Don Massey will be giving you all these insider’s information to get you going right.

The Beginners Guide To Importing Exporting Automobiles SiteGet The Beginners Guide To Importing Exporting Automobiles Here

Knowing the right cars to import/export

Again, this is not just a blind market. I can’t say because of my love for Chevrolets that I would decide to only export/import them alone. Remember, I have not made big bucks to create a collection of cars like a prince, lol.

Therefore, after knowing the right country you would also have to learn how to match it with the kind of car in high demand in that country.

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Knowing how to get amazing low prices from wholesalers

This is another critical aspect because if you buy high, you cannot definitely sell at a low cost. So, the cheaper you get these cars, the more your profit. This is something you can’t just learn from moving from one dealer to another.

Let Don Massey with his years of experience key you in the best way.

Knowing how to ship your cars safely

This is one major headache that I know a lot of people have to deal with when it comes to exporting. I know some people whose businesses have crumbled from a failed exporting process. You will hear phrases like – it got lost at sea, bla bla….

Of course, I wouldn’t want to go through the same. So, I’m really hinging my hopes on learning how to safely export cars with this manual.

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Knowing how to find overseas partners

Another important part of the car business is having people to liaise with across these countries. Remember, this is not going to be a one-on-one sales process with the direct buyer. If you go that way, you may be opening yourself to scams and a lot of other disappointments.

So having these functional links with overseas partners ensures you have a ready exchange for your cars. You supply and they pay you.

And there is even more!

You would be getting an amazing five bonuses with this manual! Wow!

Bonus 1 – Used Car Wholesaler

This eBook will familiarize you with the car wholesaler business. Used cars are mainly put up for sale at auctions and in order to participate you would need to get a licensed wholesaler. This manual will give you all the information you need to do this successfully.

Bonus 2 – How to Get a Car Dealer License and Start a Profitable Used Car Business

And if you are just interested in the retail business, you can get going with this bonus guide. Remember, I talked about my boss during my college summer jobs. One thing I liked so much about his old gritty self was his determination – he started as a young man and quite small before he hit it big. You can too.



If you have ever been to a car auction, it can be quite funny to see the mistakes made by the newbies. One can quickly identify them from a mile and the old timers would be having a field time laughing behind their backs.

You don’t have to be the dumb one as the title of the guide says. You can be privy to the wholesale action rules.

Bonus 4 – Talk the Talk!

Sticking out like an ugly thumb is never easy on any newbie. So, if you don’t want you stick out so oddly as you conduct your car business, you would have to learn the usual lingo that comes with it.

This guide will give you that swag and the right words to use, so that you look like you have been doing this all your life.

Bonus 5 – Automotive Resource Guide

And this crowns it all as you will be getting information on over 50 countries and their automotive trends. I mean this almost feels like getting an advanced degree in the automotive business.


This is Lit!

For me, I think my mind is made up. These are all just what I need to kickstart my dream. Even if I may not get to start out now, getting prepared for it, is the first step.

But for you who has the ready resources to go in, don’t allow your doubts to stop you. Imagine the life you could be living with extra money on the table to pay off the bills and add the needed luxury to your life.

Knowledge is power and is being offered by Don Massey right at your fingertips, so you really don’t have any excuses now as you would receive your digital copies of the manual immediately after making payment.

And with the money-back guarantee being offered, I would say this is a sure deal!

New Update – April 2019

One good business that has lots of potentials is the car business specifically importing and exporting cars. This is the primary reason why a lot of people are really eyeing their investment in cars.

However, it can be tough especially for beginners because it will cost you a large sum of money but if you become successful with it rest assured that your efforts will be worth it.

Thankfully, this product has been created as this guide will help you to know the ins and outs of the business which you can use to your advantage. Since we posted this review several months ago a lot of people have become successful in the car business and most of them became wealthy because of it.

They are thankful because before they are losing a lot of money on the wrong decisions in their business.

If you will buy this product expect the following benefits:

  • You will know the different strategies that you can use to maximize your profits on every car.
  • In this guide, it will teach you on how to minimize your expenses on importing and exporting leading to larger income.
  • You will be knowledgeable of the different cars that are best sellers so that your return of investment will be faster.

Buy this product now expect the difference immediately by seeing a lot of fantastic results!

Thanks for Reading This Beginners Guide To Importing Exporting Automobiles Review.

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