The Half Day Diet Review – Does it Work or Not?

It is a widely known fact that for you to lose fat, you have to lower your carbohydrate intake. These carbohydrates include refined sugar and grains.

By reducing your carbohydrate intake, you lower inflammation, you are able to control your blood sugar, and keep stubborn fats off your body. By doing this, you have a better mood, you have a boost in energy, your focus is sharpened and the result is the body you thoroughly deserve.

While losing fat through reduction of carb diets has worked for some – not more than 2% by recent statistics, for many, they have been unsuccessful in their quest for weight loss. This is because though they might lose the fat for a small period of time, they end up adding more fat later on.

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The fact that one is able to lose weight – though for a short period of time – remains one of the reasons why the low carb diet method is still acceptable in the fat loss market.

Some of the biggest disadvantages of placing yourself on a low carb diet are that

  • You become drowsy
  • You feel much drained in energy which makes your hunger for food increase either on your way home or late at night.
  • Your metabolism becomes very slow
  • Your sex drive is shut down
  • You are at the risk of a rebound weight gain


However, it has been scientifically proven that your body requires a low carb at some specific times of the day in order for your body to enjoy a 24-hour benefit. This time is the night time.

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This has been proven by a scientific study in the 2011 journal of obesity. Eating your carb diet at night corresponds to going on a diet for half a day.

To make this technique work for you, ensure that you eat the right foods during the day and feast on the recommended carbs at night


The implication of this is that you are still able to eat your favorite meals and maintain the body you strongly desire.


In order to clearly understand why you crave for foods, you have to understand your brain system as it relates to food cravings. MIT scientists call it the LH – VTA loop.

These scientists have proven that the lateral hypothalamus implies lateral hypothalamus (LH) controls how hungry you feel while the ventral tegmental area (VTA) is the center of the brain’s reward circuit.

By eating your carb foods at night, the LH – VTA cycle is completely cut off. This means that you are able to end your food cravings and release your most stubborn fats


How It All Started

To enable you to understand the half day diet better here is how Nate Miyaki, the author of half day diet figured out the whole process

“I’m a professional nutrition coach. And for the past 15 years, I’ve built the most successful practice in The San Francisco Area. Working with thousands of folks from soccer moms to Silicon Valley CEOs… yet there was a whole group of my clients that I couldn’t help. We were missing something because I would put people on diets… And it would work for some folks and utterly fail for others…” he said.


“Then late one night I was going back over some obscure research and stumbled upon this mysterious part of the brain that causes cravings. It’s the LH – VTA loop. This study is one of the 700 research studies that I currently have saved on my laptop”. He continued.

Then I started saying crazy things like, “I want you to eat carbs at night”…


And they were looking at me like, “you gotta be kidding me”…

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“and all of a sudden their weight started falling off and their cravings disappeared…” he concluded


This half day diet protocol method works no matter your gender, age, current weight, the kind of foods you love and crave for.


The Key Pillars Of Nate Miyaki’s Half Day Protocol

There are 3 key pillars involved…

  • Macro Optimization

This means you have to optimize your protein, fats, and carbs. To figure this out, you will be given a macro-nutrient template, while Nate and his team will work with you to develop the right nutrients that fit your current conditions.

This will help you to eat the right foods at the right times and in the right amounts to enable you to lose the maximum amount of fat.

An advantage of this is that you won’t unnecessarily crave for foods. This causes you to see results faster.


  • Customization

Since no two people are alike in terms of lifestyle, career, likes, and dislikes, hence, there can be no one fit all diet solution for every person. With Nate’s half day protocol, you will be able to customize your diet solution to fit you.

The Half Day Diet Review - Does it Work or Not?

The Half Day Diet

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This seems like having a personal nutrition coach without paying any consultation fees.


  • Evolution

With your fat loss comes new nutrition needs. This means that the macro-nutrient template will not work for you again at this stage.

The reason for this is that there would have been a change in your biochemistry. Nate’s half day protocol will help you reach this stage in your quest for fat loss and if you are already at this stage, he and his team will help you fashion out a nutrient template that will help you accomplish your fat loss mission.


There are lots of frequently asked questions that have been answered on the sales page of half day diet protocol.

However, if you after going through frequently asked questions on the sales page, you cannot find the answer to your questions; use the support section to contact Nate or any member of his team.


Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Nate Miyaki’s Half Day Diet Protocol System;

Order for this product if you…

  • Want to keep eating carbs daily and still lose more fat
  • Want to lose the kind of weight you want without the craving for any food carb or otherwise
  • Desire to trim more inches without being a low carb diet
  • Want to optimize fat burning hormones
  • Want to sleep better at night. It is scientifically proven that when you eat carbs at night, serotonin is released. This serotonin has the effect of making you feel good and also have a sound sleep.


With all these benefits, you can then imagine how awesome you will feel being able to eat with your household without any form of resentment.


Nate Miyakis’s half day diet protocol comes in an easy to follow ebook.


How To Know If You Are Qualified To Use This Product Or Not?

Nate clearly states that the half day diet protocol is not for you if you…

  • Are not interested in taking massive action right away
  • Are afraid to take action
  • Are satisfied with being on a low carb diet and you don’t want to another way out
  • Do not want to apply little changes to your food and the period when you eat them
  • Think this is not going to work because your weight seems “too much”.
  • Do think the simplicity of the system won’t make it work



$19 – the handbook comes in digital format so that there will be no hiccups compared with ordering the hardcopy version of the handbook.

These hiccups include printing, shipping, warehousing, expensive marketing etc.



  • The system has been proven to work with all gender, age, and locality.
  • Results have been seen in 7 days or less
  • Your queries get answered very fast by the support team
  • Money back guarantees up to 60 days from the time of purchase



The half day diet protocol from Nate comes with 5 bonuses worth $218.8;

  • Restaurant & Fast Food Survival Guide

This guide will help you to make the right decision without feeling miserable any time you intend to dine outside.


  • The Happy Hour Handbook

This guide will help you on the strategies you need to follow so that you can enjoy a night out with your friends.


  • Vegetarian Diet Ebook

If you are a vegetarian looking to lose fat, then this guide is your best bet. This guide will help you chose the right kind of foods to eat and the kind of vegetarian foods to avoid. This guide will work for different categories of vegans.


  • The Holiday Fat Loss Manual

Just as it is written in the title, this guide will help you decide on the kinds of foods to eat during summer BBQ, birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas or any other special occasion.


  • The Flat Belly Platinum Club

This is a support group of like-minded individuals who are willing to share their stories or journey to weight loss with you so that you feel inspired. The community is very active because thousands of videos are being posted on a weekly basis.

In addition to the support, you will receive, you will also have access to the half day diet virtual nutritionist software which helps you to adequately implement the half day diet protocol formula.

Your access to this is free for 30days from the time you purchase the half day diet protocol.



As a recap, buy this product if you are interested in seeing results in 7 days or less, want to enjoy socializing with your friends without feeling resentful. You want to feel as healthy as like and want Nate to assume all the risk.

New Update – January 2019

Losing fat can be really a tremendous task especially if you do not have any idea of what kind of diet to go for. Thankfully, “The Halfday Diet” was there to solve the problem as it teaches the different methods on how to properly implement the diet which includes the complete diet plan as well.

Many people have significantly decreased their weight healthily with the use of this program and they are all satisfied with the results that they got from it. They were also surprised that a simple diet can be the answer to their weight management problems and they do not need to do strenuous exercises too just to lose weight.

Because weight problem is a recurring issue for a lot of people the problem keeps on coming back because of lack of discipline but with this product you will surely have that discipline that people lack because the diet is really fun to do!

This is probably the best product that you should try because it is the best of the best when it comes to the diet that is aimed to lose weight. Expect that you will surely get the benefits that you are all wanting with this product! Buy it now and transform yourself for the better!


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