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Writing can be quite tough. Even if you know the story you want to tell, you might not have the proper words to tell it. This is why Lindsay Lake has come up with “The Hurricane Method”. This is a book which will tell you how to write a novel in as little as 14 days.

Lindsay Lake is herself an international bestselling Amazon author. Her novel, Private Seduction, was on top bestseller list. Other than that, she has also written and published 50 e-books, which were also bestsellers. She wrote these books under different pseudonyms, though, as she is a contract writer. With so much writing experience, Lake knows what makes an e-book successful, and she is ready to share that secret.


For all Levels:

Writing may not come very natural to you. In contrast, you might already be a writer, but may currently be having problems with your latest project, Perhaps you are looking for inspiration for your next project, or maybe you have tons of stories to tell but the words just do not come naturally.

In all these cases, The Hurricane Method can help you. The book is written in such a way that it will help both rookies and experts. Even if you have not written a single story in your life, you can still hope to gain benefit from this program. Within 14 days, you will be able to finalize a story and write it.

For pros who have already written several books, this program can still be helpful. They can employ this method to write their next novel quickly and fearlessly. If a writer is suffering from writer’s block, again, this e-book can help.

Contents of the Book:

There are several parts in this program which can help you right a perfect novel, even if it is your first one. This review will tell you about these contents.

Clarity Momentum Formula:

Writers block can happen to anyone, even seasonal writers who have written tons of novels so far.

There are many methods to get rid of writers block, but some of them are scams. However, in this program, you will learn how to get rid of writers block for good. You will never fall short of ideas and your words will always flow smoothly and with ease.

Fruition Tree:

Many authors make mistakes in the outline phase of their novel. If you do not have a good outline to begin with, you cannot hope to write an amazing novel.

Lindsay Lake has detailed the Fruition Tree, which is a fool-proof method to write excellent outlines. Not only this, you will also be able to write an outline quickly, which will help you in completing the whole novel in a small amount of time.


Addiction Seed:

If you have written a novel, obviously you want people to be so engrossed in it that they forget about everything else. Many writers have good stories, but the content is just not engaging enough to keep people hooked. With this technique, you will be able to create a novel which no one will want to put down. They will keep feeling thrilled when they read the book, and will only be satisfied after they have reached the climax ending of the book.

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Character Design Pyramid:

The most important factor in writing a book which people will connect to, is writing amazing, interesting and unique characters. Reviews show that books with interesting characters are always the most famous.

This e-book will teach you how to design characters so they resonate with the crowd. The characters will be so different and unique that people will remember them. When people remember the characters of your novel, they will love to read more novels written by you.

Having amazing characters in the novel can actually make people relate so they feel like they are a part of the story.

Seesaw Dialogue Technique:

Once you have deep, interesting characters, you need to write dialogues for them. Dialogues can show what a character is feeling. If you word these right, it can make all the difference between a perfect novel and a poor one.

The Hurricane Method will teach how to write dialogues so the readers can really feel the emotions of the characters. People who have used this method said in reviews that this method helped them to create story characters with depth, who were never boring.

Page Popper Technique:

This technique is just what you need to keep your readers hooked. The will feel like they never want to put your book down. This is because the words will jump out at them, keeping them deeply engrossed and involved.

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When readers read what you have written, they will be able to picture exactly what is going on. With words, you will be able to portray a scene so clearly that readers can actually see it in their mind’s eye.

Tidal Wave Technique:

This method is for when you run out of ideas and are not sure where to take your story next. If you feel stuck, this technique can help you. Reviews show that it has helped people get past writers block.

With this technique, you will never run out of ideas. Once your story has started, you will have no problem carrying it forward and will never have to wonder about what you should write next.

Universal Captivation Technique:

With this technique, you will be able to write about any genre. Whether you have any interest in writing romance, fantasy or anything else, you will be able to write it with ease. You can try your hand at any genre.

Publishing Power Pack:

This is the whole concept that will help you gain success as an author. Lindsay Lake researched a lot about what makes successful authors’ mind tick. She spent a lot of time finding out the secrets of succeeding as a novelist.  In this book, she shares these secrets with the readers, so they, too, can succeed.

Blurb Generator:

When people buy a novel, they read the summary written on the back to see what a book is all about. With this Blurb Generator tip, you will be able to write a summary which will compel people to buy your novel.

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There are hundreds of books in the bookstore. Your book should be unique enough with an exciting blurb that whoever reads it will be compelled to buy your book. The blurb will create curiosity in the reader and that will result in them buying the book.

Celebrity Guest Author:

There are celebrity guest authors who have written in the sci-fi, fantasy and crime genre, who have written parts of this book. They have shared their views and their secrets regarding writing in these genres. Therefore, if you want to write in one of these genres, you can really benefit from this e-book.


These are not the only chapters of this book. There are tons of other secrets and tips in this pdf program. As a result, you will be able to write about anything. You will also learn how to proofread and edit your novel. Then, there are tips on publishing your book and making sure your novel makes you money.


Why Should You Buy This Program?

There are tons of writing tutorials in the market, yet this one has great reviews. There are a lot of benefits of buying this program.


For Everyone:

You may be a writing expert, or you may be a rookie; in either case this writing program will help you. It is designed to benefit everyone.

Every Genre:

No matter which genre you have an interest in, you can learn how to write it expertly using The Hurricane Method. This includes romance, sci-fi, fantasy, criminal novels, humor etc. You will never run out of ideas, and everything you write will flow nicely.

Writing Books That Sell:

When you write a novel, you want people to purchase it so you can make some money. A lot has been written about writing profitable books.  This program teaches you how to write content which engages your audience and makes them buy more of your books. As a result, you will make more money.

Many people write, but cannot seem to sell their work. When you buy this guide and follow it, you will be able to write novels which actually sell. You will see that in a little amount of time, you will be making more money than before.

From Start to Finish:

You will be given a step-by-step guide. This will start from you brainstorming an idea, and end with publishing and selling tips. In other words, this book has you covered from start to finish.

Simple and Easy to Follow:

The best thing about this program, as also mentioned in reviews, is that the steps which are detailed are easy to follow. There is no complicated mumbo-jumbo. Everything is very detailed, and hence anyone can follow it with ease.


You can buy the pdf version of this program for $29.95. This has been reduced from $197. In addition, you will also get bonuses.


The Hurricane Method Complete Audio edition is one of the bonuses. This is an audio version of the program which you can listen to while walking, exercising, driving or anything else. In this way, you do not have to read.

The second bonus is Sensual storytelling which is about writing romance.

The third bonus book is How to Make Money on Kindle Self-Publishing. the fourth bonus is How to Create Dynamic and Engaging Characters.

New Update – July 2019

Being a writer can be an outrageous job especially if you are just new to it because ideas can run out from time to time. This is the primary reason why a lot of new writers eventually fail on the process of flourishing their career that is why a lot of people become frustrated.

Thankfully, this product has been created which aims in teaching you the different strategies that will keep you motivated in your writing career. It will help you with improving your writing game which will help you become successful in it.

Since I posted a review of this product a lot of aspiring writers have already made better output. Here are the following benefits that you can get if you will buy this product.

  • It will help you to produce creative stories that will captivate your readers which will result in better sales and performance.
  • You will surely get better writing opportunities in the near future because of this product.
  • It will make you create better stories which will give you a nice insight into your true potential.

So if you want to be a great writer then this product is definitely the best one that you should buy.

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