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Some years ago a new method of achieving your goals and desires came to the surface and started to dominate the market of the content on this subject. It was the book Secret and its Law of Attraction. It proclaimed that to achieve your dreams and desires, all you need to do is to attract them into your life with visualization techniques and various thinking methods. The author of the Secret argued that if you want to get your dreams, you need to make a place for them in your life through thinking, and they will come to you.

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Naturally, many people tried it and have failed in achieving what they want. Amazing, fulfilling and deep relationships did not knock on their doors. A new car was not waiting them outside regardless of how much they tried to visualize it. And day after day, they were still stuck in the same cubicle, working the same unfulfilling job, without the Law of Attraction taking place in their life.

The Instant Switch by Sandy Gilad, Winter And Alvin Review: The Truth Revealed!

The Instant Switch by Sandy Gilad, Winter And Alvin

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These are the people to whom The Instant Switch guide was written by Sandy Gilad. This book aims to expand the theory of the Secret and show the readers the reason why the Law of Attraction did not work in their life. It offers brand new ways to overcome the obsticles they face and attract their wildest dreams into existence.


Fork in the Road

To be very precise, the Law of Attraction did work for people. The problem is, not as they wanted. Many people found that it indeed manifested their smaller desires into their lives, but it failed to bring about existential change. Yes, they were able to pass a class in university, but they were unable to find and secure a virtuous partner. Yes, they were able to get a smaller raise, but they were not able to leave the numbing environment of nine to five with the numbing people and the uninspiring work.

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Sandy Gilad argues in her The Instant Switch guide that the reason why it happened is that there is something, some psychological barrier between you and the goal you actually want to achieve. Things such as unprocessed traumas will make you unable to attract those life changing dreams you want to have, and as long as those barriers are in your life, you will remain in the same, nightmarish, soul-crushing situation in life.

The Instant Switch is the guide that will teach you how to remove these barriers and connect with what you want to achieve.

The way Sandy Gilad tries to help you in this is to teach you a completely different mindset than what you already have. The reason why it is extremely important, she argues, is that while it is true that you are honestly trying to attract that dream life you want into your own existence, this method of attraction gets interrupted over and over again by the negative thought patterns you have and you have to get rid of. You want to achieve a great relationship, and you instantly think of all the horrible experiences you had while pursuing love, feeling down and depressed. You want to achieve professional success, wealth and abundance, but then, you think about why you want it, and the image of your work environment comes up in your mind, the picture of all the people you have to endure, the repetitive job you have to do over and over and over again until your mind goes numb and you want to curl up and die. These are the negative thought patterns according to The Instant Switch that make it impossible for you to attract your dreams into your life.

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The book by Sandy Gilad, Winter And Alvin teaches you three techniques to change them. The first is called the Selfie Filter. It consists of practical exercises that aim to turn every single challenge and difficulty you come across in your life into an opportunity to gather new information, a possibility to acquire new knowledge about yourself and about life itself. This will help you purge the negative thought patterns by turning them into lifelong lessons.

The second technique is called the Rubber Band Effect. This is a complicated mental exercise that you can start practicind every day after you successfully got rid of the negative thought patterns. While the first technique helped in cleansing, the Rubber Band Effect acts as a prevention technique to keep those same patterns from coming back and haunting your mind again.

The final mental exercise is the Destiny Lock, which is going to help you ignore all the subconscious noises and interruptions and focus with full attention on the life goals you want to achieve.

The Instant Switch promises that if you successfully learn and combine these techniques, you will be able to attract your wildest dreams into your life. Whether it is a new car, a house or other material goods, whether it is new professional possibilities or an emotionally, sexually and intellectually satisfying love life, you will be able to acquire by following the guidance of Sandy Gilad.

As a bonus, you will also receive the Success Accelerator ebook upon purchase. This book is full of practical advices that will help you accelerate the attraction process and have your dreams materialized in little to no time.


Many people were instantly attracted to Secret and its Law of Attraction for a very good reason. It promises greatness, wealth and Earthly rewards without seemingly asking anything in return. Many people bought it and one by one they realized that it is not working. What they failed to realize is that it did ask for something in return, and the price was tremendous

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They were made to believe that all they have to do to achieve greatness is to think hard. They truly started to think that the only difference between them and those who really succeed in life is a visualization technique, and if they do that, they will not have to sacrifice time, energy and effort to achieve great things in life. They were lied to and misled.

Now, however, for only $47, Sandy Gilard promises for these people that they will indeed be able to achieve their wildest dreams if they follow the techniques of The Instant Switch, practice diligently, invest time and effort into doing the prescribed techniques. It is indeed different than the original Law of Attraction, and many people on the internet claim that this was what helped them achieve their great desires. But whether it will work or not for the reader can only be known for sure if she tries.

New Update – January 2019

Achieving our aspirations in life can be really hard especially if you are not motivated to take actions about it. That is why “The Instant Switch” was created to combat all the anxieties that are brought up by the lack of motivation to achieve the goals that you are longing for a long time already.

Since I wrote this review there are a lot of people that tried this product immediately after reading my review. After several weeks of implementing the techniques that are included in the product their urge to reach their dreams started to arise within themselves.

They became more industrious and had a clear goal of what they want to happen in their lives. The motivation has been overflowing which made them very effective on what they do. Here is the summary of what you will expect to happen:

  • You will become more energized and confident about everything you do which will really help in accomplishing your dreams.
  • You will have a clear and organized goal and a definite plan on how you will achieve that certain goal.
  • You will have a “never say die” attitude and “try and try until you succeed” attitude. All of the successful people that we know also experienced setbacks but was able to recover from it which makes them stronger than ever.

These are only a few of the techniques that you will learn from this product. And one thing that I can advise you is to buy it now if you are really serious about achieving your dreams.

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