The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts Review – The Pros, The Cons & The Facts!

Most of us avoid our college or high school reunions like the plague. This is not because we are still afraid of being bullied. It is usually because we are ashamed of how we look now – the saggy fat around your belly and the thick droopy fat on your arms. Instead of mopping about your glorious past and regretting how you can’t seem to be able to get your former body back, you can get on with this Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts by Forest Vance.

I will walk you through the facts first. So, you can get a good understanding of how it all works, for you to realize your dream body.

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The  Facts

Whether your goal is to lose weight or increase your performance. The Kettlebell Challenge is just suited for your needs.

Component 1 – The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts Main Manual

This contains a full 8-week workout routine that gets you on course. And these workout regimes are so unique that you will not get a repetitive routine throughout. The manual contains 33 kettlebell challenge workout which includes:

  • Doing it way big
  • Super circuit
  • Strong and simple
  • Killer kettlebell complex
  • ExtraHard
  • Total body strength and conditioning
  • Full body meltdown
  • Hybrid cardio
  • Shoulder bully
  • Up the ladder

And so much more. I am sure just going through the creatively interesting names of these workouts is already giving you some exciting motivation and inspiration to get on board with this workout challenge.

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Component 2 – The FVT Kettlebell Basics Workshop 

This comprises of highly explanatory videos that show you the basic techniques you need to know to start the kettlebell challenge. It also includes safety guidelines that ensures you do not expose yourself to bodily harm or injuries while carrying out the workout routines. No one really wants to deal with injuries when you workout as it just slows down the whole goal of reaching your target in your expected time. Some of the workout routines in this package include:

  • The deadlift and variations
  • The snatch and progressions
  • The squat
  • The Swing
  • The Clean

And many other techniques to get you there.

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Component 3 – the Ultimate Kettlebell Guide

With this manual, you will have access to over 40 kettlebell exercises. The exercises are well explained and includes illustrations about the muscle groups. So you are not left ignorant about your body and how the workout is working on your muscles to enable you achieve your desired results. Some of the workout illustrations to expect in this manual includes:

  • Two arm military press
  • Turkish get up
  • Two arm swing
  • Leg over floor press
  • Woodman’s chop
  • One arm floor press
  • Get up plank and more….

Now I can head over to the pros. I’m sure you are keen to read them.

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The Pros of the Kettlebell Workout Challenge

Effective for weight loss

The very creator of this program, Vance Forest, has also had to deal with weight issues. So, he sure knows what your needs are in this regard. With his experience as a personal trainer and boot camp instructor, you can be sure you will be getting all that would help you lose weight faster than you can imagine.

Get back on the athletic track

When we are all young and playing in the football team back in school, it may not be pretty hard burning off the extra calories. But when the best exercise you get is walking from the car park to your office, you can be sure to lose your enviable athletic build in no time. So, even if you don’t intend to leave the boardroom for the field or court as the case might be, anytime soon, you can still get your athletic body back with this kettlebell challenge.


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Taking up your weights game

Anyone who has been into weight-lifting knows it can be easily addictive. But it can also become boring if you keep on repeating the same thing every time. So, if you are tired of the regular dumbbells and bars, you will find the kettlebell challenge a burst of freshness to kick up your weights game.

Less equipment, no less result

If you are into buying your own equipment, kettlebell go easier on your pockets than some other expensive fitness equipment. You don’t have to break a bank to keep fit. And just because you are going cheaper does not automatically mean you are getting less quality and results. So, why not save your money right and still get amazing results?

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Do it anywhere

We all know gym membership costs can get crazy. But because you don’t have a choice, you keep going back. With the kettlebell challenge, you can do it anywhere – in your backyard, on your porch, even in your living room! This gives you amazing flexibility.

Get it done fast

Setting out time for your workout regime can be hard especially if you constantly have a busy schedule. With the way the kettlebell routines are structured, it can fit into any schedule and you will still be getting your desired results. You just have to get into the manual and follow the instructions.

Handy and good grip

Because of the way the kettlebell is shaped, it is easier for you to get a good grip on it. It reduces the risk of it slipping from your hands and causing you an injury. You can even store the kettlebell away easier and you don’t need to get a wide storage space in your home for it.

The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workout is so amazing that it is hard to actually find any cons to it but I will take you through the few I identified.

The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts SiteGet The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts Here

The Cons

High performance

If you have been a couch potato for years, jump  starting your exercise routine with the kettlebell challenge may not be for you. It is not that it won’t work for you but you are likely going to chicken out with all the high performance movements it requires. The program is more suited for you if you are trying to switch your fitness game up after losing some initial pounds and probably getting bored with doing the same routines everyday.

Having to read a manual

This is more of a laziness con. But I know there are many lazy people like me. So, duh hear me out first. I tend to prefer visual manuals when it comes to fitness routines. Because I will definitely not be turning a book while I’m trying to hold on to a kettlebell with my other free hand. But the way out of this is to study the manual before your exercise routine and just replicate the moves.

Also, there is the video manual, so there is really not much of a big deal.

Wait for it! Bonus! Bonus!

Bonus #1 – Total Body Abdominal Annihilation

Most guys in the gym work hard day and night just to get those abs. So this coming as a bonus is one great offer. You will be getting the secrets of the best kettlebell moves and other body weight exercises to get the total banging abs you desire. Six packs guys will have nothing on you.

Bonus #2 – Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning 

You must have heard of the magic of cardio workouts if you have been in the business of getting fit for sometime. But you and I know how boring it often gets repeating those same cardio movements daily. With this bonus, you will get the techniques on how to boost your cardio workouts with kettlebell.

All at what cost?

You will be wondering how much all these packages must cost. Well, you are right, it does not come so cheap but Forest Vance,  the creator of the challenge has been so nice to put up a whole 78% discount on the original cost. So, if you are smart like me, you will sign up now and save up on money.

You can get that fit body to increase your self-confidence, sex appeal and your overall health using this kettlebell challenge.

New Update – April 2019

There are lots of people that want to have a fit and strong body however the hindrance is the lack of knowledge and fundamentals. Thankfully, there is a product that is encouraging people to promote working out at home with the use of kettlebells.

Here are the following benefits that you can get if you will buy this product:

  • You will learn the different routines that you can do to utilize the power of kettlebells.
  • You will surely transform your body by the removal of excess fats and the bulking of muscle mass.
  • It will increase your strength significantly which will greatly improve your performance in everything you do.
  • Your overall health will significantly improve because of the healthy exercises that you will learn from this product.

Those are only a few of the many benefits that you can get if you will buy this product. You will surely never regret it because it is truly tried and tested that provides really good results.

So if you want to become healthier and at the same time enhance your appearance then this product is definitely a must-have. Buy this now and do something good in yourself!

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