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Wondering how to make your website look professional and attractive? If you would like to give life to your websites and entice customers then ”Themedy” is the right place for you. Themes promoted by Themedy looks realistic and give life to your screen with their “killer themes”. WordPress can be considered as the engine or the driving force, Thesis or Genesis framework as the body and Themedy does the paint job. You get a visually enthralling design by the effective usage of these to showcase your portfolio.

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My aim was to find a creative and professional WordPress theme that could instill a “wow moment” for my photography blog and showcase my skills. I found it difficult to convince why I should hire a professional to design website for me. But Themedy helped me to stand out from the crowd and I am extremely grateful for finding Themedy. Now let us have a quick glance at the features of Themedy.

Themedy Richmond is created for the Genesis Framework and Thesis 2. Themedy propounds two significant WordPress menus

  • Primary Navigation Menu- right aligned in the header
  • Secondary Navigation Menu -located at the top of the page

Themedy Toolbox is a powerful set of short-codes plugin. To create short-codes one can make use of Themedy button available in the Visual tab of WordPress editor.


Features that can be incorporated using Themedy

  • Buttons
  • Columns
  • Links to social media
  • Toggles
  • Tabs
  • Alert message
  • YouTube videos
  • Links to web-site

Now let us see which are the custom widgets supported by Themedy

  • Featured Page or posts
  • Flickr
  • Profile of user
  • Video

Additional widgets are available as plug-ins from Studio Press as well as from Word Press.

Types of page templates supported:

  • Default
  • Archive
  • Blog
  • Homepage
  • Portfolio

The Homepage of Themedy Richmond is composed from:

  • Custom Tagline
  • Featured Grid Area
  • Homepage text and Features
  • Subscribe Area
  • Social List

For each page user is allowed to give a Custom Title and a Custom Tagline. The Genesis SEO Settings allow you to tweak the default SEO options pertaining to Document Title, Homepage or Document Head Settings, Robots Meta Settings, and Archive Settings. You can even enter your Google+ profile on the SEO page.

Adding to all this features is Meta box that is provided in every post, page and term for SEO Settings. For novice users in SEO, these settings can be kept in their default state.

The Import/Export sheet enables customers to generate a file in JSON format and these can be later used for backup and transfer purposes. You can export the Theme Settings and/or the SEO Settings. Of course, you can also upload (import) such a JSON file at the receiving end.

Responsive Design – apt for trending and latest mobile platforms like iPhone, iPad and other smart phones and tablets.

PSD Included –layered Photoshop file facility is also provided.

Genesis Theme Options

The Genesis Theme Settings page serves dialogue boxes to help you configure the theme:

  • Information
  • Custom Feeds
  • Default Layout
  • Navigation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Comments and Trackbacks
  • Content Archives

The Information box shows the version number. User can also be notified by e-mail when any update is available.

Check boxes are provided at Feedback and Trackbacks which give you an easy method to determine the visibility of feedback and trackbacks on WebPages, blogs and other relevant posts. Content Archives is one-stop-solution for setting preferences for the blog page. Themedy is considered as dynamic software with respect to buyers.

User is also given freedom to enable Featured Image on index pages by simply selecting desired dimensions and alignment for the Images on the archive pages.

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Important Themes promoted by Themedy

Line it up– Theme that helps to give an appealing look to your product, service or portfolio

Smooth Post-This theme is best suited for marketing purpose.

ClipCart –elegant and modern e-Commerce theme that gives complete shopping cart functionality

Patron makes use of Woo Commerce plugin to provide an enthralling shopping experience

Quik-completely responsive magazine theme.

Blink-This theme is best suited for creative workers, be it designer, photographer, blogger or hobbyist and this is my personal favorite.

Derby-This is suited for both Thesis and Genesis framework.

RichMond-Suites both personal and professional sites.

GPL Licensed- themes are released under the GPL license, which enables users to make optimum usage of creative freedom and to make use of new theme for any personal or commercial project. What more a customer can demand for?

User can set value for page navigation inside the Content Archives box. User is provided with two choices: Previous/Next and Numeric.

Blog Page Template-user is allowed to exclude certain categories from the blog if required.

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Steps to exclude categories from blog

1. Select the category that one needs to exclude from the drop-down menu

2. Category ID pertaining to the category should be selected

3. Set the count of posts per page.

User can enter custom scripts for the page headers and footers.

Advanced Settings provided by Themedy

Customer can customize settings related to

  • Subscribe or featured grid Area
  • General Options
  • Appearance
  • Social List
  • Footer
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Photo by derrickkwa

The Footer Area allows your clients to contact you in the details provided. Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7 can be incorporated with Footer Contact Area.

Using general Options user can add a Call-to-Action button. User can also enable the jQuery mobile menu.

1. Show related posts on single entries

2. Show default widgets area help information

3. Show RSS Feed link in top navigation

4. Include popular category articles carousel

Appearance field customer can select any one of the color schemes like default Blue, Pink, Orange, Green, Red, and Dark. User can also select custom.css style sheet and is given flexibility to make changes as required.

Reading Settings-

Settings can be customized such that front page displays either latest post or any static page. User can also give settings such that maximum number of posts that needs to be displayed in blog page can be customized. User can also control whether full text or summary has to be displayed.

Child Theme Setting Page

  1. Information: Information related to your Themedy theme like version number and release date is displayed in this area.
  2. Slider: Sliders can have different features which solely depend on theme. Effect drop down and fields to change different variables are the prominent features embedded in slider. One can even limit slides by entering category IDs.
  3. Footer: User can either alter the data contained in footer or can even disable the custom footer altogether.
  4. Save and reset: User can either save or reset the operations performed based on the option selected
  5. Screen Options: User can use this section to edit details like which boxes should appear and count of columns to use on the current page.

Theme Widgets

Every Themedy theme make use of either Genesis or Thesis widgetized sidebars and can also include various other widget areas as well. Most of the custom widgets are available either for the homepage or other some specified pages

Importing Demo Content-User can even import demo content to the website

Custom Header Image or Site text

Most of the themes include a header logo or banner that can be replaced with either custom images or just plain text. Most of the Themedy themes even include page templates to serve various functionalities.

Themedy Review: Read Before Buying


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The Featured Grid Area enables users to select Featured Content displayed on the Homepage like displaying Portfolio or Blog Posts Grid and can even disable the Featured Grid Area altogether.

Potential Customer can also enter the URL to your profiles media profiles in the Social List. All the main stream social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Github, Skype and the like are supported

User can even customize the text provided in footer.

One need not have “deep pockets” to buy these efficient and powerful themes.

Themedy renders 3 pricing options:

  • Personal Plan for 99dollars
  • Developer Plan for 159 dollars
  • Lifetime Plan for 299dollars

The Personal Plan comprises of following features:

Unlimited access to personal sites, access to all Themedy themes – existing and latest themes .One year of updates and downloads is also supported.

The Developer Plan enables users to make use of themes provided on personal sites and on client sites as well .All the features provided in Personal Plan is also added in Developer Plan

The Lifetime Plan helps to enjoy all these features for a lifetime but by making payment only once

Now it is just matter of choice between plans, select which among these options suit your portfolio and grow and earn with Themedy. I would undoubtedly suggest you that Themedy is worth every penny spend.

New Update – January 2019

For people who are looking to make their website more professional-looking and attractive then “Themedy” is the one and only product that you should go! The product is composed of various themes for personal and business use.

You should just have to think on for what purpose you are going to use your website. You will choose a plan and after paying a very affordable price for the product you will have the access on a lot of wonderful themes available.

The themes are very easy to integrate on your blog and will not each too much of your time. By buying this product you are saving time and money on creating professional-looking websites. A lot of people who tried this product are completely satisfied with its results their businesses significantly grew because of the product.

They also gained a lot of potential clients because of this which increased their profits. So if you want to get the most out of your website then you must consider putting a good theme in it and you can only do that by buying this “Themedy” it is a perfect product that you should have.

Expect the following benefits if you buy the product:

  • It is very user-friendly.
  • It is completely virus-free.
  • A lot of wonderful themes to choose from.

Buy this product now and transform your website into a winner in no time!

Thanks for Reading This Themedy Review.

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