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Is there anything as bad as bad breath in the world? I mean if you have had the torture of being around someone with bad breath, the experience can be unforgettable in a very bad way.

I remember growing up with a cousin whose mouth stunk like a dung house. Everyone avoided him naturally like a plague and he had such a low self esteem. He never got the chance to date in high school and we had to even pay a girl to be his prom date. It was that bad!

Well,  you would think that with all the bad reactions to bad breath and other oral diseases that many persons would always keep their appointments at the dentist. Wrong!

People susceptible to oral issues

Smoking/High poverty level

One of the most likely groups of people to suffer from bad breath, gingivitis and periodontal diseases are smokers and those within the lower poverty level. Well, I don’t really have to explain the smokers part. With all that nicotine and simply burning out your oral cavities, it is only natural to have issues with your gum,  teeth and mouth in general.

And for poor people who are struggling to make ends meet and get food to eat, dental health is naturally not a priority on their list. In fact,  it would be a luxury.


Bad lifestyle/habits

We have all heard the oral hygiene rules. Brushing twice a day, rinsing your mouth or flossing after each meal and so on. But that doesn’t make us follow all that.

This was the issue with the creator of this guide, Matthew Tate, he was simply living the life, eating a high sugar and starchy diet as he tried to cope with his high paced cop career.

By not keeping to the right oral hygiene rule, he had done his oral health in. And before Matt realized it, he was in the critical stage of periodontal disease.

Emotional/social setbacks from dental issues

Bad breath

I already mentioned the problem with bad breath earlier on but I will just have to re-emphasize it. Bad breath can cost you your job or relationship. It cost Matt Tate,  the creator of this guide a promotion on his job and he almost lost his marriage of many years too.

Your family,  friends and co-workers may love you but there’s only so much bad breath they can put up with.


Chewing becomes a chore

There are several things we take fore granted in life. Like the ability to chew your food. I mean most times we are even so impatient to gobble down our food without properly chewing it.

So,  when you’re battling with bad teeth and cavities, that’s when you will really realize the importance of being able to chew.

No one wants to feed on food mashed or blended into purees for the rest of your life.

While I go on and on about all these oral health issues, you are probably wondering why I should bother since dentists are actually there to take away these problems right?  You are partly right that they should be the solution but here is the thing:


Treatment over prevention

When you go to the dentist, apart from the usual hygiene advice, they are going to be dolling out pills for your pain and suggesting surgical procedures to fix your dental problems.

While these may seem like the only solutions, they sometimes don’t solve the underlying problems or require many repeated procedures. And we all know how much an implant for instance can cost – an arm and a leg are even cheaper compared to it.

Health risks from periodontal disease

Renal disease

When you are thinking oral health issues, you are probably thinking more about the aesthetic issues and nothing as life threatening as renal disease. However, with all the painkillers you get hooked on, you would be stressing out your kidneys.

Definitely, you won’t want it to get to this critical stage before you do something.

gum disease

Oral cancer

A cancer of any type can be the most damning diagnosis to get from your doctor. Even with all the advancements in science, cancers are still a blurred line that still confuses the medical world. You won’t want to be a part of the statistics that die from cancers in North America every year.

Respiratory infections

This is quite simple to understand if you have some basic anatomy knowledge. The mouth, nose and ears are all connected. So,  when something is wrong with your mouth, it can easily spread to your respiratory tract.  This can spell doom for your health as you know our very life depends on our ability to breathe.

addiction to pills

Addiction to pain medication

Addictions have been known to ruin promising lives and also affect the people around the victim. It’s more difficult when you actually have a need for the substance in this case,  you just want to numb out the pain.

If you have ever had a toothache, you would understand it seems to top any other kind of pain you have ever experienced in your life. So,  imagine the pain from an advanced periodontal disease. That would be crazy, right?

This is why it’s so easy to get addicted to the pain killers and in the end they worsen your condition. This was what happened to Matthew Tate, that finally led him to discovering the dentist who changed his life forever after a near hit with death.

Tooth Defender SiteGet Tooth Defender Here

Three start-up tips

You would be wondering what this all natural Tooth Defender is all about. Whether it’s still the same old dreaded visit to the dentist and feeling like you’re about to be executed when they start with the drills and the other scary equipment. We all get those fears so I quite understand.

Matthew and his Dentist friend, Andrea have been nice enough to include three of the natural excellent tips that’s part of this guide. They include:

A change in diet

It is perfectly reasonable that what you put on your mouth has a direct impact on you oral health. So when you avoid white bread, crackers, pasta and other processed food from white flour you would be doing yourself greater good.

Also Canned tuna and mackerel which contains mercury have been known to have an adverse effect on your oral health. Whereas foods with Vitamin C and E would boost your oral health.

Eating parsley every morning

This is quite simple,  just eating some parsley each morning can help you fight bad breath, gingivitis and other periodontal diseases.

Natural mouthwash

And the last tip is the most exciting for me. I know the struggle of choosing a mouthwash for myself. They are either too mild or so harsh I have to run to the fridge to chew on some ice.

With just a teaspoon of salt and 2 ounces of lemon, you have an all natural mouthwash! That means ditching all the store bought chemicals.

smiling teeth

Amazing feedback!

The thing is that no one likes to be a guinea pig but Matt has submitted himself to be just that. So, now everyone including you can benefit from this natural Tooth Defender guide!

Everyone – from long term users to beginners had something great to say about the guide. They started seeing changes and results within a few days of following it. That is wonderful!

As we all know, even the so-called almighty medications can take quite a while to kick in. So, these reported fast results is definitely great on my count.

Remember, my cousin that I mentioned at the beginning of this review? I will be sharing this amazing guide with him because the last I heard of him at our last family reunion, his wife had left him and he had to resort to working from home because his colleagues at work couldn’t cope with his offensive mouth odor.

I am positive that this would change his life for the better and all at an affordable cost. Even though, I’m not suffering from any periodontal disease at present, I’m signing up straight for this too because for me prevention is much greater than a cure!

New Update – February 2019

Bad breath and nasty teeth are one of the most prevalent problems in the world today and one of the primary reasons is the lifestyle and improper hygiene. If you have halitosis and you took it for granted for much longer periods then you can possibly risk yourself of more illnesses and it can also compromise your social life as well.

Thankfully a product which is aimed to resolve this kind of issue has been created which is called “Tooth Defender”. Since I posted this review several months ago a lot of people have already tried it and the good news is they were all satisfied with the product.

A lot of them said that they got the following benefits by using this product:

  • They managed to find the culprit and removed it from their mouth and lifestyle which resulted in a fresher mouth. This resolved their problem completely because it took away their halitosis for good.
  • They became more confident with themselves which resulted in better social life.
  • Their performance on whatever they are doing significantly became better.
  • Because the product is all-natural and promotes healthy well-being the people who tried this product have improved their overall health as well.

That is why if you are looking to get rid of your halitosis real quick then this product is definitely the best one to go for!


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