Total Wellness Cleanse Review – Worth to Try or Not?

Created by certified nutritionist Yuri Elkaim, the Total Wellness Cleanse product has helped many people to feel and live healthy. Total Wellness Cleanse product cleans chemicals and pollutants out of the body using an all natural detox diet. This holistic purely natural program was developed to help the body retain its original vigorous state without the use of any special supplement or detox formulas.

Firstly, the Total Wellness Cleanse is a 30 day product with a strict 14 day cleansing and 14 day ‘maintenance’ phase. The main reason why people have indulged in this program is to not only reduce weight but also to be able to have more energy for their day to day activities. Individuals who have been able to fully complete this detoxifying program, have been able to record exemplary results such as:

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*Significant rise in energy levels throughout the day without fluctuation. This is especially important to people who have busy schedules in their lives from the moment they wake up. This program has proved to be able to solve the issue of having dips in not only energy levels but also productivity.

*When loosing weight, one undergoes certain challenges such as cravings for sugar and other unhealthy foods. Sugar cravings are some of the bad eating habits that this program resolves. Occasionally, Yuri Elkaim has stated that cravings are brought about by the content in our blood. By cleansing the bloodstream, cravings tend to stop and one is able to indulge in more healthy, nutritious foods.

*Loosing waste, toxins and fat has also been recorded in people who have decided to take the Total Wellness Cleanse program. These people have been able to feel lighter and leaner and also their bodies have been able to flash out more toxins than before. This experience has been able to promote confidence in consumers which is a great achievement for people who once felt uncomfortable in their own skin.

*By flashing out toxins in the body more efficiently, the consumer has been able to notice changes in their skin also. Most of the clients have been able to notice that their skin looks more vibrant and soft which is also a great confidence booster.


*Eating unhealthy food such as junk or fatty foods has been proved to cause negative mood changes. With this product, one is able to eat healthy foods which impact your emotional state in a positive manner. Clients have been able to feel much calmer and happier after following through with the Total Wellness Cleanse program diligently.

Total Wellness Cleanse Review: What is the Cons?


Although there are a number of benefits one acquires from this program, there are a number of popular challenges that face clients during this transition phase. Yuri Elkaim insists on a raw food lifestyle which to many people especially the red meat lovers would find quite challenging. However, by being focused and following the requirements, many people have been able to incorporate certain healthy foods in their meals and also eliminate unhealthy ones.


Yuri Elkaim has been able to put forth some great solutions when it comes to the challenge of deciding what to eat when using this detox. Yuri has been able to provide a meal plan and also recipe videos that are meant to assist you in making delicious healthy food that you can eat during any mealtime. The meals include: Baba Ghanouj, Hummus, Creamy Zingy Limey Smoothie, Guacamole, Green Soup, Rawsanga, Tabouli etc. this foods are easy to prepare and are delicious too.


If you are 100% committed in a total lifestyle change, then this is the perfect program for you. While the pricing may be a considered a little bit on the higher side, the Total Wellness Cleanse program is a worthy investment. Unlike other inexpensive cleanse, this product is able to assist you in sticking to its requirement by taking you step by step until you reach your ultimate goal.

New Update – April 2019

Having a fit and healthy body is everyone’s aspiration but for most of us, it becomes only fiction because it is not achievable for the common people. This belief must be completely removed from our minds because all of us have the ability to get the body that we desire through hard work and dedication.

But it is not enough if you do not have the proper knowledge. Not all people have the right fundamentals on the proper diet needed become healthy and slim. Some of us do not want to undergo a diet because they are not happy with the taste of the foods in a healthy diet,

We must be glad that a product like this is produced which will help people in creating delicious smoothies that the main aim is to provide people an additional supplement to their diet plan. Here are some of the benefits that you will get from the product:

  • You will have fun with the different techniques to maintain your good health and achieve wellness.
  • You will not have any side-effects from the recipes and routines because they are all-natural and are all good for the health.

So if you want to become healthier and at the same time get our dream body then this product is definitely a must-buy.

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