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Ever wondered what would happen if a nuclear war occurs and everything we know as it is gets destroyed? What if the most basic amenities we take for granted no longer exist? How then, would we survive?

“The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan” by Buck tried to answer exactly these questions. The author of these guides goes by the alias Buck. Very little is known about him. He apparently cannot share any personal information because of threats to his life. An engineer and an ex-Army officer, he has been a survivalist since 70s when the threat of a thermonuclear war between USA and USSR loomed large. He now presents his years of learning into these comprehensive guides. Becoming increasing popular over time, these set of guides were released in 2015, to help you survive a post-EMP scenario and survive.

What is EMP?

EMP or Electromagnetic pulse is an effect of detonation of nuclear bombs. The author strongly believes that there is an imminent threat of Iran attacking the USA with a nuclear weapon in the foreseeable future. Once a nuclear bomb is set off above the atmosphere, the bomb’s energy dissipates as electromagnetic radiation instead of heat. This is the high-altitude EMP. This EMP would be powerful enough to destroy almost all solid-state electrical equipment, along with the US electrical power grid.

Eventually, the loss of electricity would affect all aspects of living – no heating, no refrigeration, no banks hence, no record of money, no transportation. This will create a mob-like state and panic would set in. Without any infrastructure or the knowledge to survive an emergency of this kind, most of us would succumb after a few days.

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Hope you get the picture. Thus, to avoid dying or getting killed in such a post-EMP scenario, the author has devised a step-by-step survival plan. It is simple to implement and it gives information about how to deal with all the possible scenarios to ensure that you and your family is safe. Right from how to get and store clean water, using solar power for cooking to taking care of the sick and debilitated, the guide covers everything that you could think, and more!

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What can I learn from this guide?

To understand what is included in this extensive, let us go through the 6 modules that are included in the guide.

Module 1: The 30-Day Foolproof Plan to Surviving an EMP Event

This module tells you what do you have to do exactly starting right from Day 1 to Day 30. So that after a month, you and your family will definitely be among the few prepared individuals to survive.

Module 2: The Checklist of Electronics Vulnerability

After years of research and experimentation, the author has come up with a comprehensive list of electronics that potentially could survive an EMP blast. Beginning now, this can be used as a checklist when you looking to buy electronics.

Module 3: The Evergreen Electricity Blueprint

Having electronic that work would be useless without ay electricity. This module will show you how to get a steady supply of electricity in your home.

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Module 4: The Layman’s guide to Faraday Cages

A lot of electronics like computers and televisions work only when you put them inside a Faraday cage. This module will show you how to build Faraday cages efficiently and with things that are easily available.

Module 5: The Follow-Along Repairs Manual

This module gives you detailed instructions how to repair essential electronics and do it quickly. Along with that, there is also useful information about building a few appliances from scratch.

Module 6: The Impenetrable Home Formula

Having electricity and a comparatively comfortable living would bring you in the eyes of the desperate mob. This module will teach you how to prevent others from knowing about your access to electricity so as to keep you and your family safe.

Along with the above-mentioned modules, the author also includes Bonus reading material for you. These bonuses include…

Bonus 1: The Unlimited Food Blueprint

Once there is an emergency, food is going to get scarce. You can use this manual to learn how to grow your own food.


Bonus 2: The Amish Refrigeration Secrets

Without electricity, storing food and other perishable items is going to be an impossible task. This manual teaches you the secrets of doing exactly that so that you can ensure you and your family will not have to go hungry.

Bonus 3: The Solar Cookery Solution

By using this manual, you can make sure your family does not have to eat raw, uncooked food. You can have hot, cooked meals by using the easily available solar energy.

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Bonus 4: The Whole Home Heating Formula

You can keep your house well heated with the simple techniques mentioned here.

Bonus 5: The Abundant Water Plan

Knowing how to find water is not going to be enough. This manual tells you about finding and storing water so that it remains clean and potable.

What are the Pros and Cons of “The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan” guide?

The Pros include:

  1. It is extensively researched and covers all possible scenarios.
  2. The guide is well made and visually appealing rather than drab reading.
  3. The instructions mentioned are easy to implement, and you don’t have to be an aeronautical engineer to understand them.
  4. Since it comes as a downloadable PDF, you can get it on multiple devices and access it on the go.
  5. The guide and its information are relevant to other emergencies too. It is always going to prove beneficial to know how to function without electrical power. It could be something as simple as going camping or a power outage. The tips can definitely come handy.

Coming to the cons,

  1. The identity of the author is a mystery. Knowing about him helps to trust the product more. However, the information in the guide is more than enough to make up for this.
  2. There is a lot to read and absorb since it is extremely well-detailed and covers every conceivable situation.

How do I order it?

You can order this guide directly from the author’s official website, with the link given below. The guide and all the bonus manuals will cost you only $37! You will immediately get access to all the material and can read it anytime.

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The author recommends printing three separate copies of the manual: one to keep with you, one you can hand over to your family, on can be kept in a safe location to access if need be.

Also, “The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan” comes with a 100% cash back guarantee. Up to 60 days after purchase, if you feel that you are not happy with the information provided in the guide, you can ask for a refund and you will get your full money back, with no hassle.


If you are among the go-getters, if you don’t want to sit back but instead be prepared for any situation that may arise, this is the right option for you. Whether the threat of a nuclear attack is likely or not, the “The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan” delivers a lot of information that is practical and will enable you to survive in any kind of event. It ensures the safety of you and your family and the peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for the worst, makes this guide a reasonable buy.

New Update – June 2019

It is really alarming if you do not have the fundamentals in survival situations because we do not have an idea when a crisis will occur. Particularly if it occurs within the vicinity of where you are living it is important that you have the knowledge on how to survive it because the safety of your family relies on you.

We must be appreciative because a product has been created to help you learn the various survival techniques through a precise survival training guide. Since we posted this review many have used it to secure their family at all times.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get if you will purchase this product:

  • You will feel superbly secured every time because you have the fundamentals that everyone must have in surviving crisis situations.
  • You will have the peace of mind that you and your family are always safe to life and death situations.
  • Your overall health will be enhanced for the reason that the physical activities that you will execute when you purchase this product are truly helpful for the health.

Therefore if you want to learn the survival techniques always remember that this product will truly be helpful!

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