Volleyball Magic Review – Read Before You Spend Your Money

If you think volleyball is not a valid sport and should be wiped from the world sports then you need to go a different page, this one is not for you.

If you’re still here then you must be a huge fan of volley ball or even better, a volleyball player or coach.

I wont lie to you that the Volleyball Magic book by Hayley Merrett and video series works, I will tell you from my own experience that it works. It really works.

I was amazed at the immense number of training drills at my disposal.

The Volleyball Magic training guide comes with video tutorials and a set of free training packs.

Volleyball Magic Review

Volleyball Magic

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Own The Court.

Have you ever had an off game?

That’s rhetorical. We’ve all had an off game once or twice or maybe thrice for those who got on the bad side of Karma.

With The Volley Ball Magic, you reduce the chances of having an off game .

The program contains a wide resource of motivational videos and tips on how to gain mental mettle for any game and maintain pressure levels for your team.

With the training drills and techniques in the guide you will most definitely own your opponent and wipe the floor with them.

Individual training Drills.

The book isn’t just centered at team building drills; it also focuses on individual players and builds up on their weaknesses.

The drills are easy to recognize and any weak area can be pin pointed and isolated.

With the player’s commitment and dedication to the drills, he/she can quickly improve the weak area whilst also bolster other strong areas.

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Nobody is perfect but its great to have a team with all-rounded and versatile players.

This ensures that not only does your team increase their skills as a team, but also individuals will get an added improvement to their weaknesses.

Now your chances of having a bad game because of a select few individuals having an off day are drastically reduced.

Win Win Win Mentality

The Videos series instill a winning mentality in any individual.

Any team can be great with skilled players who can spike, set up and finish a set piece but it takes a team with the thirst and drive to win to be the best.

The outstanding motivational videos and team mentality building clips in Volleyball Magic help generate that winning drive in any team.

I’m usually not a competitive volleyball player and I usually just play for fun. I would play like any other guy who just wanted to stay fit and keep the cholesterol at bay.

Once I saw the videos on it I was hooked.

I wanted to win and I wanted to own my mates on the court.

I did some of these drills in my spare time during my own workouts and in the next game of volleyball I was pwned my friends.

Great form Will Instill Fear.

Any player or team that follows the drills and techniques in the book will greatly improve their overall form.

Once your opponents realize how bad ass you’ve gotten they will try their best to make sure you don’t come close to hitting the ball. All because they know you are in great form and will destroy their team.

Championship Mindset

The Program comes with exclusive audio that help to build a champion’s mindset. Like I said, any team can be great, but it takes a team with a champion’s mindset and winning mentality to be the best of all time.

Train Hard, Play Easy.

The drills and training sequences in the program are intensive and tiring but they are worth it.

Why would we train simple and easy and get demolished at every game we’d play in right when we could train hard and mop the floor with the opponents every time we got in a game?

It’s a no-brainer, right?

No Drugs, Just Pure Hard Work.

If you thought Volleyball Magic had actual “magic” then you are gravely mistaken.

This is a tried and tested training regimen oriented at working hard to get that edge on the competition. After all, we all appreciate our hard work when we see the results pouring in.

We work hard to achieve the best and we appreciate our input.

The book is one of the best Volleyball training programs aimed at getting you and your teammates to the top of the table, crème de la crème of the top tier volleyball.

Why settle to be just normal volleyball players when you can be the best. With training guides like Volleyball Magic, you can be the best and own every time that dares to step in the court with you.

Volleyball Magic is an incredible training guide that will definitely be your go to book for all volleyball training.

A must have for all Volleyball trainers and players alike.

Thanks for Reading This Volleyball Magic by Hayley Merrett Review.

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