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Michael Cross who has written the whole system, has 10 years of experience in solving the relationship problem. Most of the system is written by a woman for a woman or by an unsuccessful man for a man. But this program is written by a man for a man. This program is bases on the biological instincts. This program teaches you to reach into your wife’s subconscious and make her feel huge attraction. It will change the way how you respond to your wife or how you approach her.

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Author has made this program by studying the populations who are happy with their marriage and concluded the result why are they happy with their marriage. Author was going through a big problem in marriage life but suddenly he found a simple secret and started studying the happy couples to verify the truth. The secret was not very different, it was simple and profound, and he simply looked back ten or twenty thousand years ago. He found the sole reason of the establishment relationships based on the biological facts. In simple words, if you want your wife to love you from the deepest parts of her soul, you have to start by tapping into the animal desire that’s deep inside her. By doing this you will be creating her desire for you.

What exactly will you have to do in order to flip the switch that’s deep inside her?
You will get to know everything about the same in the system called “Your Marriage Savior”.
Life isn’t about finding yourself it’s all about creating yourself. It’s fine of you don’t know the secrets but if you are trying to save your marriage that’s enough and by this program you will be creating yourself in such way that your wife is going to love you.

Your Marriage Savior Review: What is the Cons?

Your Marriage Savior

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Reasons why you should take Your Marriage Savior System by Michael Cross:

  1. The system is practical; you won’t be learning theoretical shits that you can’t apply in your case or situation. You will be getting the solution to the common problems like,
  2. Turning every conversation into a fight or argument.
  3. Extra apologetic, making yourself look like desperate in front of your wife.
  4. Damaged self confidence

And you will get the solution to other common problems that men commonly encounter with.

  1. The program is boldly masculine, Woman wants to be lead by her man, and it’s biological. Leadership is compulsory to be a good husband. In today’s society all talks about gender equality. Yes, there must be gender equality but many people misinterpret the meaning of equality. Being a leader doesn’t mean you will against the equality.
  2. Marriage counselors are problem solvers, they ask you the problem and give the solution accordingly that’s why their solution might seem conflicting sometimes. They try to repair a broken marriage; these solutions can’t generate a new spark in the relation. But this program is totally different. The Marriage Savior System is based on Masculinity, Attraction and Leadership. When you put all these solution in practice you will see the reignited Attraction of you wife that she felt for before. Also these solutions work faster than any other.
  3. It is derived from the study of happily living couples and it’s showed more than 75% success rate. Also it provides you 100% money back guarantee on this $197 Program, if you return it within 2 months.
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What the Program consists of:

  1. Manual #1: Unleashing the lion
  2. Manual #2: Taming the lion
  3. Audio lesson – Peasants into Kings
  4. Audio Lesson – Peasants Into Kings Belief Supercharger
  5. Bonus #1: The case study manual
  6. Bonus #2: The separation manual


  1. Motivates you to do hard things to get your wife back.
  2. You will learn “let her to go to get her back”.
  3. Your confidence will rebuild.
  4. You will get practical and specific advices not just the theoretical ones.
  5. 60 days money back guarantee.


  1. It is priced at $197, which is much more than the other programs but very less than the cost of a divorce. Probably the author has set the price high because of the human psychology that the cheaper products are not effective.
  2. The official page is very creepy and cheesy but on the other hand it is also informative.

If you are in a problem, your marriage is like hell, you are on the path of getting a divorce than the $197 feels like 5 bucks to you and it’s obvious if you love your wife and unable to get her back you will be ready to do anything to get her back. So, I can guarantee you that this program is not going to cheat you. But it’s totally upto you to save your marriage. Anyone can’t save your marriage, at most can try to help you to save yours marriage. In this program you will get a lot of information that is going to help you. But still if it doesn’t work for you, you can return the product within 60 days.

New Update – January 2019

There will be a time when a conflict between the husband and wife will arise and it happens from time to time. If those kinds of situations are not handled properly it can result to breakups which can be really heartbreaking.

Because a simple conflict can worsen by being aggressive this usually happens to a lot of couples. While the arguments are just little it is a good idea to take an action immediately so that it will not get any bigger at all.

After this “Your Marriage Savior” was created it became a great help for couples that are having problems with their relationship. Many broken relationships have been fixed because of this product.

What can you expect when you buy the product?

  • You will know how to approach your wife the right way especially if they are having mood swings.
  • You will learn how to solve conflicts on your marriage.
  • You will have the ability to prevent petty arguments with your wife.

There are lot more benefits that you will get from this product. So if you feel that there is something wrong with your marriage or you are on a fight with your wife then you might want to consider this wonderful product.

Take an action now and save your relationship until it’s not too late!

Thanks for Reading This Your Marriage Savior Review.

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